[Event] Kill That Chin! - 4:30PM EMC Time/9:30PM GMT

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by RainbowChin, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Kill That Chin!

    Yup, another round of me running for my life to protect my Minty Head ;)

    Once the event starts, I will randomly teleport into an arena of my choosing.
    You chase after me, and the person to kill me will get a RainbowChin PvP Head.
    But be warned, I'll be equipped with my wonderful "Minty" armour and weapons, so killing me won't be easy. :cool:

    It all happens @ 4:30PM EMC Time/9:30PM GMT, this Saturday.
    /v pvp on /games
  2. U r gonna get triple 360 degree no scoped by me I own dem heads <3 I already ah zone of urs but I need to earn one
  3. A bump to let you guys know another event is planned this Tuesday @ 4PM EMC Time. :)
  4. lol while everyone is in school
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  5. *In the US.

    I set these to be as good a time as they can, no time can please everyone.
    But I'll review the timings at a later date.
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  6. *Canada Also
  7. *The list can go on.
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  8. Ugh! School interferes with my Chin time!
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  9. The funny part is, is that I can just make it. :cool:
  10. :p I think I can make it, my school gets out at 4:00
  11. Since it's Tuesday, I could make it if I cancel theory class. Not happening ;-;-;-;-; I really wanted some chins
  12. I... must... KILL! hehehhehe....
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  13. In the U.S.A. EMC time is 3 hours ahead of normal time, right?
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  14. EMC time is est (Eastern coast in the usa)...
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  15. Now you know what it feels like to be over here in the EU and having to miss nearly every EMC event due to it being in a US timezone :p
  16. A bumpeh letting everyone know it has been moved to 5PM on the same day :D
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  17. OMG YAS GET READY TO BE KILLED WITH BLACKSTONE'S SWORD BOOM (maybe, I might use my doge meme attack)
  18. DO THIS EVERY EVENT YAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. lol while im on the ride home from school
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  20. so true xD