[Event] GameKribJim Drop Party Soon!

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  1. Hey everyone, just letting you know that I will be doing a drop party soon! (hopefully this Sunday the 22nd)

    If you would like to donate items to the drops, the residence is 5379 on Utopia! Just throw your items in the hoppers!

    If you would like to donate rupees to the event, I will use them to buy items for the drop party!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask =)

    Items I have so far (I'm not going to count, as that would take far too long..)

    Here's a rough list

    Dirt, Grass, Mycel
    Glass, Glass Pane, Glass Bottles
    Potions, Brewing Items
    Bottle o' Enchanting (~7 Stacks), Books, Enchanted Books, Leather, Enchantment Tables, Anvils
    Iron Ore, Diamond Ore, Coal Ore, Gold Ore
    Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Coal, Gold, Obsidian, Flint
    Leaves, Planks, Logs, Saplings for Pine, Oak, Birch, and Jungle
    Sticks, Slabs, Ladders, Boats, Stairs, Beds, Signs, Doors, Chests, Work Benches, Paintings, Noteblocks, Trapdoors, Fence, Fence Gate, Pressure Plates
    Cactai, Grass, Fern, Various Flowers (Including Tuxedo Mask Roses), Netherwart, Lily Pads, Mushrooms
    Cookies, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Milk, Wheat, Bread, Various Fish, Pie, Melon, Cake (of course!), Mushroom Soup (noms), Apples, Golden Apples, Rotten Flesh(looks more like bacon to me), Carrots, Potatoes, Poison Potatos,
    Eggs, Cocoa Beans, Seeds, Sugarcane, Sugar, Paper, Pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns
    Animal Spawn Eggs
    Enderpearls (Lots), Eye of Ender
    Redstone dust, Redstone Blocks, Lamps
    Beacons, Redstone Repeaters, Levers, Buttons, Hoppers, Dispensers
    Iron Bars
    Blaze Rods (~DC)
    Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Brick, Gravel,
    Smooth Stone, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobble, Stairs, Slabs, Stone Fence
    Various Promo Items (Including ID Firework, EMC Firework, Turkey Slicer)
    Nametags, Stable Vouchers
    Fireworks, Firework Rockets
    All tools and armor including enchated have been repaired!
    Enchanted Items, Tools (4+ double chests), Buckets, Water Buckets
    Swords, Bows, Arrows, TNT, Sulfur/Gunpowder
    Mob Drops
    Shears, Fishing Rods
    Various Wool Colors and Dyes
    Compasses, Clocks
    Track, Minecarts, Saddles

    Last but not least, 4 GameKribJim Heads
    Two will be dropped, two will be given away with Quiz Questions
  2. Sounds really cool what time will it be at GMT time?
  3. EST. Don't have a time yet.
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  4. Once I have a time I may just announce it with times for each area. Since people seem to get confused about it =P
  5. Sounds fun :) Can't wait
  6. Looking forward to it :)
  7. so when will it be?
  8. Cant Wait... Really hoping I can be on during this!
  9. there is no question I will be on, I will get his head!
  10. I'm having some medical issues at the moment due to a vehicle accident. So I can't really give a definite date at the moment. I may even wait till closer to new years.
  11. Please, get well before doing any of this!
    Your good health is better than a stupid drop party.

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  12. Yikes! Here's hoping that you're okay, and that you'll get well soon.
  13. :D Best of Luck with Whatever Happened. I hope you can resolve the problems you had in the accident
  14. get well soon dude
  15. oh noes! did you die!? ;n; if not get well soon!
  16. Not dead, but I have torn muscles in my back and compressed discs in my neck.. Still not good =/
  17. Jim please take it easy. I hate to see a friend hurt :(
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  18. Luckily you can still play xbox and minecraft ;) Get well soon Jim :)
    Also... are those the only 4 Jim heads in circulation?
  19. Those four will make it ten
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