[EVENT] Freaky Friday Death Event

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  1. Tonight's Miner Mania's host has been kidnapped by Krysyy and she's turning Friday into a Death Event instead!

    When: 8 pm EMC time on July 15, 2016
    Where: Look for the bedrock bridge at Smp7 /waste center

    What is a death event? Well, it's an event where Krysyy (and other lurking Senior Staff) try to kill the players as much as possible in the wastelands, for the sheer fun of it. You can sometimes make out with some goodies if you prepare wisely. You will most assuredly have a 99% chance of dying so it is advised to not bring anything that you do not want to lose, unless soulbound of course.

    The event will last roughly 1 hour.

    See you there!
  2. First. Oh yeah, death events are my favorite. Can't wait!

    EDIT: I was disappointed when we were asked to choose an event, death event didn't win. Glad to see it coming back. :D
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  3. Awesome. I hope I can make it! :)

  4. definitely coming
  5. Might actually play minecraft for this. Been afk-farming and not playing much last 2 weeks- COD is a bit more fun rn lol.
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  7. awesome will be there!
  8. Death is coming so I better be prepared ;)
  9. Awesome! Sadly, I cannot make it.. :(
  10. YASS

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  11. I won't be able to make this... I hope it's done again sometime in the future :(
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  12. Ooh, nice! I will definitely be there! :D
  13. This event is always fun!
  14. Woo! Death!
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  15. Can't make it due to it being at 1 am and me needing sleep, but i hope everyone enjoys the death!
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  16. This is awesome! But of course, I can't make it.. :(
  17. This was amazing :D Had looottss of fun and was shot with a cupids bow *looks at RainbowChin* XD
  18. I died many times. It was fun dying too.

    Here are the few screenshots I got in the small amount of time I was not dead :p


    More death

    I'm about to die in this one!

    Withernado, death, momentus, death, death, explosions, and a little bit of death.

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  19. I had fun too! Lol will edit in pics of the withernados later :p

    My first time attending something like this and it made me have flash backs of being 9 and trying to play tag in a giant ball pit lol. Run, fall down (in this case die) get up try to tag some one, fall, flail around, fall, lol rinse & repeat.