[EVENT] Exploring And Building A Town With Spartan!

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    I am hosting an event tonight ( May 21, 2016 ) at 8:00pm EMC time. At 8:00pm I and everyone who joins me will go to a waste that we will decide at the time and go far out and explore the area and get materials. Once we do that we will start building houses and make a town, kind of like miner mania. This is just for fun and I might do this more often when I have free time. I will start a group when we start.

    Note: Tonight I might crash/lag out a little bit since I am at my fathers and there isnt the greatest internet connection there XD

    Plz Bring your own materials and tools unless you wish to get everything from the waste XD If you need food or anything Im sure someone could help you tho :3

    Hosted By: Lil_Spartan_Cat
    Who: Anyone is welcome to come!
    Where: On smp8 at a waste we decide when we start
    When: 8:00pm EMC time

    !Hope You Can Make It and You Enjoy!

    Join Us On Mumble

    I will not be on mumble tonight ( May 21, 2016 )

    But next time I host this I will prob. be on mumble!!
  2. I would have posted this thread a few days earlier :3 But i should be able to make it! ~.~
  3. I would of but I literally forgot I wanted to do this lol :p
  4. :p (Dont mind me. I always have somethng to complain about)
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  5. Any suggestions of wastes yet? im thinking maybe waste n on smp8?!
  6. I was thinking maybe we could do one at waste ne on smp4 (But I might not make it because of dinner >.<)
  7. I forgot the waste >.< Ill get back to you on that :)
  8. Ok so far we have smp8, waste n and smp4, waste ne for suggestions
  9. Sorry some stuff irl is happening and I am busy so I am going to postpone this to next Saturday or someday this week. sorry :(
  10. Alright, hope everything gets worked out. Also you might want to update the date above to reflect the new time of the event. This will give you a week to promote it for more participants to join.