[EVENT] Everything In Minecraft

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  1. Hello everyone so this is pretty straightforward I will be creating a Museum of EVERY SINGLE Minecraft item in MC this totals to over 600 items. The Museum is on smp2 and /v 3769 if you would like to come see my progress or donate something please do!

    I will be asking for donations so if you have anything you want to donate just pm me!

    I will post pictures of my progress

    I will also be holding an event for when I finish!

    Comment down below what mc block is your Favorite

    I will be getting ALL items on both of those lists that are available in Vanilla survival mc

    IF you have something you would like to donate there is a chest on smp2 at /v 3769 or Pm me on forums
  2. My favorite Minecraft block is probably Terracotta :D
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  3. White kind?
  4. Coal block... I luv black!
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  5. Sea lanterns and mossy cobble are my fav's :) ;)
  6. I like all kinds of terracotta but yeah
  7. Set up a donation chest check those lists for reference
  8. My favorite block is the bone block :p
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  9. Not really sure this would be considered an event, but you do you
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  10. This isn't but the museum is as I will be doing a drop party and a scavenger hunt at the grand opening(whenever that is)
  11. My favorite Minecraft block is... Too many to list! :D
  12. podzol block (besides some of the others listed)