[Event] EMC Digathon trial run

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by jkrmnj, May 30, 2015.

  1. Tomorrow at around 5Pm (unless something comes up. I will give plenty of warning) I will be doing a trial run of an event I would like to hold called the EMC digathon. On a massive Utopia residence, I will give all players access to the break blocks flag. Players will be able to come out and dig and make whatever they want. Digging can create some amazing things. Maybe an underground fort, a fake mine, or maybe a cool mansion underground. For the most part, players will only have the goal of digging and making cool digging things. The entire goal of the trial run is to decide if this is something people would enjoy doing. Once again, there is no point other than to have fun with friends and random people doing something completely pointless but fun. What do you think about it? Would you be interested in taking part in it?

    Use "/v jkrmnj-3" to get there. It is located on Utopia.
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  2. Sounds fun, but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make it. Otherwise I would go.
  3. Sounds very interesting. I'll see if I can attend.
  4. I added the location to the main thread. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for the event? I hope to make it semi-regular if the trial run works well.
  5. Do I understand correctly that this is dirt digging (with grass blocks on top)?
    No placing of blocks, only removing dirt, so one has to be very careful not do remove a part of the creation?
  6. Correct. I might place a block or two if something super important gets destroyed and people destroying others things just to be mean will be banned, but for the most part, players will have to build around it. The residence is only dirt though so nothing important can be mined.
  7. 15 minutes until the event!