[EVENT] Early Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

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  1. HELLO!
    I will be hosting a EARLY Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!
    The eggs will be hidden in chests all around my res and some may contain a prize!
    The reason why it is early is because lots of people have plans for Easter and I don't want anyone missing out on the fun!

    The event will be hosted on April 1st at 8:00pm GMT (DUE TO MOB ARENA!).
    The event will be hosted on residences 2605, 2604, 2603.
    This should be really fun and hopefully have loads of amazing prizes!
    Thank you to AlexChance who is building the residence to look all Easter-y. (Is that a word?)

    If any of you cant take part, don't worry, you could still win big prizes!
    I will be hosting a small give-away of any rupees/prizes left over, all you need to do is pick a number between 1-20.
    Hurry! Once the numbers are gone, they are gone!
    The winner will be drawn on random.org. Just post your number below!

    Current Prize Pool:
    20,000 rupees

    For this event, I will need donations to have a great prize pool!
    If you would like to donate rupees, send them to me and also make a comment below!
    If you would like to send items, make a comment below and I will collect them at some time on your res (leave ACCESS sign) or you could /mail them to me!

    - pateraterick - 6,666r

    Draw a picture of the Easter bunny!
    Prize - 10,000r + will be my signature along with your name and res!

    Thank you for reading!

    1 - iamfuturetrunks
    2 - adondrabkin
    3 - Lukas3226
    4 - xothis_dwarf
    5 - Hermioneluvr
    6 - pateraterick
    7 - golddigger221
    8 - justjerbear
    9 - DeadlyAdmin
    10 - kev20022
    11 - ruari342
    12 - NetherSpecter
    13 - Rundercaster
    14 - PureBredGaeilge
    15 - WeirdManaico
    16 - Mindlegokid
    17 - hYLIF3
    18 - salesman200
    19 - Reindeer_
    20 - Chizmaro
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  2. 6 and Happy (early easter)
  3. 11 please and hope everyone has fun at Easter :)
  4. Donated 6666r
  5. 9 Please
  6. 4 please
    oh and Happy Easter!!!! (early :p)
  7. 13 please (Easteryness :p)
  8. 17! Cool event looking forward to it :p
  9. Great idea! Ill try to come.
    I would like 7 please. :D
    EDIT: got ninja'd, i'll take 12 then xD
  10. I'll take 20, and will be there
  11. 15 is taken
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  13. 16 please. Happy Easter. :)
  14. Minus the last six, 666 is the devils number...
  15. Hmm ill throw my hat into the ring. #1!
  16. Number 8, please. Sounds fun.
  17. 14 please, looking forward to the event itself!
  18. Number 10 thanks.