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Yes 19 vote(s) 90.5%
No 2 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. Drop Party

    Info: As Im getting more involved with the community, and nach499 as well, we get older in days on the Empire. As of this post we are 197 days old! So we both decided ( close friends ) to host a Drop Party in 3 days . We will drop promos and some other minerals and ores, but this is where you, as the community, can get involved in this. You can Donate!
    EDIT: at 15430 on smp7 :p
    Donating: In order to donate, you must go to 14599 on smp7 and throw the items in the hopper for donations, all donated items will go towards the Drop Party. So, thats how you donate for the event. Story on how me and nach got here: On night we where both looking for a server to just play for a little while and go search for another server. That didn't go to plan as you can tell ;). We've been here for over 3 months and have loved the community, even when a speed bump came towards us we still enjoyed the community. So in celebration of 200 days we are doing a drop party to give back to the community. I, on behalf of nach499, would like to say thank you for being friendly and opening to us, here is your gift for being so kind.
  2. I can donate a 2015 unused cupid set if you'd like :D
  3. Awesome! I'm not sure if I can be there, if I can, I WILL!
    EDIT: I put Yes I'm coming, but that might not be true.
  4. Sure, whatever you want.
  5. wait where is the dp?
  6. Oops what i meant to say was what time and what day is the dp EST
  7. Not decided yet, still talking for a confirmed time.
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  8. Wont be home to come, can you wait till Saturday??
  9. Okay thank you :D
  10. I think I can make it....not sure yet.
  11. BUMP

    Decided Time: 10 PM EMC time
  12. what day as of now? Friday?
  13. 2 days, so Friday.
  14. Sweet. I think I'll come. If I'm feeling Alpaca enough.
  15. pls do so
  16. ill be there!
  17. how long is the dp?
  18. Happy 200th losers :)
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