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  1. I am excited by the idea of the PS3 game that will have the same world as EVE... I wish I had more details, I caught a snippet of information on XPlay... I am not 100% sure what it was called. :confused:
  2. That game is called Dust 514, here are some YouTube videos for it, it will be on the PS3, and will be FREE TO PLAY, and it will be launching by the end of THIS year.


    Dust 514 videos from Fanfest this year (few weeks ago)
    Dust keynote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRnH1dwpkpU
    Dust Finals from the tourny at fanfest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt0_dWSyVKI

    Also some new articles about EVE Online:

    What makes this game so intresting is it is unscripted, the players write the story, and its a harsh game, in a instant you could loose literally weeks of hard work to get a ship, and have to start over, things like theft, and scamming, and rivalry are huge in this game. Internet Spaceships are pretty serious business. I have been playing since around the beginning of 2009.

    In News:
    Players steals $45,000 in Plex (Game Time Cards in-game item)

  3. was it dust514?

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  4. when i was in south korea all i ever played was EVE.. the day I lost a literal 650 dollar ship and equipment was the day I quit. But it is neat, just how the players form the entire thing. But I played for awhile.. One day I might dust off my captains chair and hop back into my Navy Raven.. but... its unforeseen at this point.
  5. what ship did you loose? and what happened haha.
  6. I had a caldari Navy Raven... which wasnt that bad to loose.. it was the 1.9billion isk Attachment that I had.. For the life of me being how long ago it was, i can not remember what exactly it was.
  7. Yeah I don't think a raven is worth anything close to $650 lol unless you had all Deadspace mods on it. That is the beauty of eve, you can loose so much so fast, its so harsh, but i think that is one of the things that makes it so exciting. I can't say I have lost a ship near that much, but I have lost a Thanatos Carrier before in a huge capital fleet. I live in nullsec, and fight huge battles several times a month.

    This last 9 months have been awesome in eve, the game is getting better and better again, If you have played in the past, I suggest considering coming back and giving it another shot, because the last expansion and the next one have all been dedicated to fixes, and making the game better performance wise etc.

    I play minecraft on SMP8 with some corp mates in eve :)
  8. did you spend $650 on it?
  9. no that would be a violation of the EULA, in EVE online there is a form of Game Time card as a in-game item, and players will kinda use that value to give ships a real world money value.
  10. why give a digital item real world value when you cant actually get that value in return for it? it just makes losing the item hit harder psychologically.(only played the free trial i got)
  11. Been trying to figure out what to do with my 45B isk, since i don't play anymore.. and yes billion.

    Good game, very harsh, my description in EMC terms:

    Noob: Hi, I'm new!
    Active Member: Welcome. Let me show you around.
    Noob: Great.
    (Both take a stroll in the Nether - Noob dies - Active Member takes his stuff then disappears)
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  12. I heard of EVE when the story broke about the infiltration into the largest guild that resulted in the total dismemberment of the team. Quite an intriguing story.
  13. I'd rather CCP give more love to World of Darkness then Dust514, but they are possibly doing the smart thing and making Dust for pc also.
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  14. your more then happy to donate it to me :) haha

    my main is Zyper btw if anyone plays, feel free to say hi.

    Yeah I doubt that will happen, since Dust 514 is there next big release, targeted at the end of this year, WoD is likely to see much attention until next year after Dust 514 is released, They did a huge staff cut, and it was mostly WoD staff, But also a bunch of EVE staff in iceland. Dust 514 is being made by the China office, and World of Darkness is being made in the Atlanta, GA Office in the USA, EVE is made in Iceland at the main office.
  15. I don't mind Eve but it is incredibly slow and gives a whole new meaning to the concept of grinding. I've got a char kicking about with several million ISK and I can't remember what ship, but ECM orientated. I just..... Well..... It's just dull.

    Even when I was part of a Corp where half the guys were in the same block as me in barracks and we used to sit in one of the communal rooms with all our lappies co-ordinating, it was still dull.

    Although Vangelis is the perfect soundtrack to the game.