[EstimationHow many ICC Egg Nogs Are Left. {I wont Try To Buy}

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  1. Hey every1 I would Just Like To Get An Estimate Of HOw Many ICC Egg NOgs Are Out There
    I have 2 Myself. Post If you Have Any ICC Egg NOgs And Post How many you have. Plz be Serious.
  2. I have 67 I think there must be not too many left, I am fairly sure Aikar only dropped 64 of them and based on ICC's post, there were a lot of them being redeemed.
  3. Aikar didn't drop any, in fact, and from what I've heard IcC dropped around 3 stacks.
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  4. I still have one and plan to sell it in about a year. lol
  5. I still have one.
  6. Couldn't be. He was only dropping for 2 1/2 minutes and he wasn't constantly dropping.

    I own 2. Faith owns 6. FDNY owns 2. Alex owns one. That's all I know ;3
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  7. Correct, I own 2 ;) Jcplugs also owns 2.
  8. I own 2 atm
  9. That's because everyone traded theirs in right away.. He dropped way more than you think
  10. I have one
  11. I had one. I sold it for 178k though
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  12. How do you even..
  13. only with the force. And silly people
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  14. I haven't seen any. Can someone post a picture of the Egg Nog ! :D
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  15. 2013-12-26_21.10.01.png
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  16. I sold one of mine for 200k..
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  18. You havent seen the other chest...
  19. Soz boz
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  20. Did not realize this was a fight to the death :p
    2013-12-27_00.15.52.png 2013-12-27_00.16.05.png 2013-12-27_00.16.14.png
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