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  1. I recently got disconnected from smp#5 and it's signal isn't coming back. When I try to connect to any other servers it says I can only be connected to one EMC server at a time. But I'm not connected to any server!

    What is going on? Is this normal or is something happening to my account?

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  2. Try connecting to the server you last connected to - this will clear your session.

    If you're not sure which server this was, wait 15 minutes for the system to clear you stale session. :)

    Restarting Minecraft will not fix this error.

    Just because it says you're logged in doesn't mean you actually are. It could very easily just be the EMC system being confused.
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  3. you are connected to EMC. Is there any other friends who have your password?
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  4. What he said^
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  5. I can't connect because it isn't getting a signal for that server. (smp5) It's just continually polling and loses connection when I try to connect.

    I see. Alright, I will sit tight for 15 minutes and see what happens. Thank you.

    No. No one else has my password. At least no one should. If they do it's from unconventional means. I'll sit tight for 15 mins like "JB" suggested. If it's not fixed by then I'll change the password. Maybe that'll reset something.
  6. You can start calling him JB
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  7. A little more info: I was just afk'ing for a couple minutes. When I returned I had been disconnected from smp5. When I tried reconnecting it wouldn't work. Just kept losing connection. So I tried other servers and that's when I got that error message in the first post.

    Haha this is a moment where I'd "like" to be kicked xD

  8. I also am having problems joining smp5. . .

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  9. I have the same problem, with the same error message. Others probably have it, too.
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  10. Thanks for replying guys. This is good to know. I'm not too worried about someone being in my account then.
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  11. It's back up for me
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  12. Me too!!

    Problem fixed. Was just an issue with the server it seems.
  13. Alright, smp5 is giving me problems again, it won't let me log into it, but I'm able to log into other servers.

    It's being temperamental. Sometimes it'll let me in, and other times it won't.
  14. Best gif choices...
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