End Portal on smp8

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  1. I'm quite sure that many players have found the End Portal before me, especially considering what's built around it. However, I finally was brave enough to go where it's at (without knowing what was there) and that was a cool experience. I have no doubt that some past staff member built all that since I don't know how a regular player could've done it.


    So this was also an unintended benefit of the whole Thanksgiving promo because I never would've been exploring the Frontier if it wasn't for that.
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  2. I use the wastelands end portal, much closer.
  3. I don't think I've seen the Wastelands portal, but c'mon now you gotta admit the Frontier portal is cool.
  4. now I want to find this portal... unless it's made of bedrock, how could a player not have built it? :)
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  5. Not saying that a normal player *couldn't* have made it but it would've taken quite a long time and certain enchanted pieces of armor to be able to pull it off... plus a lot of time.

    In fact, there's just no way. It looks too much like worldedit.
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  6. wait can anyone show me where the regular portal is in the frontier on smp8?
  7. I know who did it, and he is a normal player from Smp8
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  8. Yeah I've been filled in. Makes sense now that I hear the story.

    I've found some pretty fascinating stuff in the Frontier this weekend.
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  9. Wow, spent hours searching for ender portals on smp8. (eye of ender wasn't working). Found the one you mean. And yea, it's pretty original. :)

    Was unable to find any other end portals on smp8 though. weird. Are there any others (pretty sure all servers start with 3)
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  10. The one on smp6 is so bad looks like it was hit by a nuke haha.
    And are you back on emc, or just the site?
  11. Sort of back. the new internet connection isn't behaving, but it's there sometimes lol
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  12. I don't actually think I've ever seen an end portal on EMC, now that I think about it. O_O