Enchanted Diamond Tools and Armor

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  1. I am auctioning enchanted tools and armor all have enchants below is a list of the armor and tools and their enchants (all enchants were done at lvl 30)

    Diamond Helmet: Protection 3
    Respiration 3
    Diamond Chestplate: Protection 4
    Diamond Leggings: Fire Protection 3
    Diamond Boots: Feather Falling 4
    Projectile Protection 4
    Diamond Pickaxe: Unbreaking 3
    Efficiency 4
    Silk Touch 1
    Diamond Shovel: Unbreaking 3
    Fortune 3
    Diamond Axe: Unbreaking 3
    Efficiency 4
    Diamond Sword: Knockback 2
    Diamond Hoe: No enchants are available for the diamond hoe but a hoe does come with the tools and armor.

    Let the bidding start at 1000r
  2. OMFG a diamond hoe i will gladly pay 1000 for it
  3. The auction will last until September 4th
  4. 800r -_- lol
  5. who is winning?
  6. Guest what im biding 50k!
  7. I am
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.