Enchanted Book Auctions, am I missing something?

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  1. Hello my fellow minecrafters,
    I was just wondering if anyone knows how on earth all of these people manage to get tons of enchanted books, all of the same type, with little to no xp gain. Some of you may know what I am talking about. In the past few weeks, a bunch of book auctions keep popping up on the auctions forum. They are all suspiciously of the same type, and suspiciously cheap when sold. Did I miss the memo?

    This is how I thought getting books worked:

    A. You can either enchant a book with levels (preferably 30 for the good ones)

    B. you can trade them from villagers (only around 8 at a time)

    And yet to get a double chest of all of the same book, that seems very hard to get. I myself have enchanted maybe 100 books and probably only got around 15 of the same type. And getting it through villagers would be very costly with emeralds and time (unless there is some way to get around the trading cap). Regardless of which way you look at it, this seems like a very hard thing to get. And yet, there have been so many of these double-chest-o-books auctions that it boggles my mind.

    If anyone can answer this question I would really appreciate it. thanks! :D

    Oh and not to mention that most of these players do not have high TEXP so I assume it has something to do with villagers.
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  2. Alt accounts? Buying from enchanters / suppliers?

    You're right that some bulk auctions of books went rather cheap.

    That might be the case.
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  3. The easiest way is to do it by trading with villagers.

    And it is possible to half get around the trade limit by breeding lots of villagers so that the trade appears again.
  4. You can actually reset the villager's trade by trading it with the last trade the villager offers.. So yes, it's probably books.
  5. Oh wow, this is news to me. That would still make it rather expensive though emerald wise, I wonder how that works.
  6. Maybe grinding from the past and saved them up until the prices skyrocketed...
  7. even though I am not one of these people, I don't really appreciate you saying that.
    you are basically accusing them of using hacked clients.
  8. No you listen here, I was not aware that you could reset villager trades (still need to test) and I have spent a lot of time trying to get book trading villagers. Basically, all indications pointed to cheating seeing as it was an incredibly unrealistic amount of books. You can't just turn up with 10 double chests of all the same type of book without some kind of cheat. Plus I know one of the people who auctions them has been banned for duping before, so I just wanted to know if it was cheating or not.
  9. None of the indications pointed to cheating.
    Purely because you didn't know how, you stated it outright.
    I don't know how to get the perfect bow or sword, but I am not going to accuse somebody of cheating if they do.
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  10. And so, you could make a thread ASKING how to get a perfect bow or sword, and maybe on the side ask "it's not cheating, is it?" And then, someone can answer your question. ;) Do you see any parallels?
  11. No, because I know it's perfectly possible, like getting all the books is perfectly possible.
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  12. Not necessarily, why can't I question something that seems unrealistic? If I had an auction for 54 of those "god swords" would you not have the slightest wonder as to whether I was cheating? Why is it so wrong to be skeptical when no explanation is given?

    I wasn't trying to ask in an offensive manner, or at least I didn't mean to. In fact the way I meant it was, "prove me wrong, please". As a potential customer I would like to know if this has been cheated into the game so that I don't support cheating. You are now completely derailing my thread and not answering the question as to one can actually get mass quantities of books, just being offended for someone else :mad:.

    I shall remove my incredibly offensive text from the OP and if you would like to continue this conversation maybe we can make another thread or talk about it in private.

    As for those interested in the actual thread, I am still wondering if you can reset villager trades.
  13. You can "reset" villager trades by egging and then respawning them. Alternatively: you can renew a villager trade by trading something else with them and it can reopen a closed trade. I haven't done much with villagers since the limiter was placed but I know villager trading is still fairly popular.
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  14. Yes you can reset villager trades it is simple, just trade with the villagers very last trade he offers.
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  15. I was actually sticking to something in the OP=on-topic.
    Thread entirely not derailed methinks
  16. The original post: Enchanted Book Auctions, am I missing something?

    I was wondering how to get books, and here you are telling me that I shouldn't be skeptical of how they get books. I was not interested in being informed of my rudeness, I was interested in how people got books. And it is apparent that it isn't cheating, thanks to the other people who have posted. I am sorry that I included a sentence questioning their validity, my question has been answered.
  17. i know a shop that sells enchanted books in bulk, and really, really cheap. coming soon: a pickaxe with 6 enchants called the ban hammer. PLEASE DON"T COPY NAME!!! OR IDEA!!!
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  18. would you mind sharing the shop's res? :) I'm sure I could give him some business.
  19. i am sorry no. he is stocking
  20. Ok, so it takes 825 xp to reach level 30, the level at which most enchants are obtained.
    (source: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1521601-142-experience-and-level-guide/) Now lets take the player corruptedsmile for example. Corrupted spends a large chunk of his time on empire making enchanted books. His TEXP is
    2,361,633, (I am aware that not all of his xp came since books, but the majority of it did) now lets say that he used all of that exp on enchanting level 30 books, this would mean that he could enchant 2862 books, now with a double chest only taking 54, and at that level of production, it would be pretty easy to fill up a chest of one book.

    EDIT: What the heck is going on with the text....it doesn't wanna let me fix it..
    EDIT PART 2: nvm, figured it out