Empty Residence

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  1. 2013-07-22_10.25.26.png Hi,

    I have no idea what to build on my residence!

    I thought I'd build a castle but I'm not really sure.

    Do you guys have any suggestions of what I could build?
  2. build an upside down castle then make the floor ice and build the right side up replica underneath it
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  3. That's alot of work! XD
  4. well things that look good are, as one of our mods would say would say "looking this good doesn't come naturally, i gotta invest in atleast 6 pairs of shoes to pull it off!"
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  5. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. ;)
    Invest your time, put some love into the place, and it will show. Trust me on this one.
  6. That was IcecreamCow, right?
  7. exactly!
  8. You on smp.4, that is the best place to be

    you should build a resource farm for the public
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  9. Build a giant replica of me made of diamonds and fill in all the dirt with golden blocks and put beacons for my eyes then give me 100,000r. That should not be too hard.
  10. Build a shop, In the sky, on the ground or under ground, or a farm, a castle (as you said) An amusement park. Use your imagination, and build what you like :D
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  11. I already have a shop in the sky :p
  12. Well im just giving Ideas.
  13. Try to completely recreate the wilderness spawn