Empire Pool: Version 2!

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  1. Coming Soon to an smp1 near you!

    Some may remember it, I know it was one of the few memories I have of smp1 in my early days; but the infamous Empire Pool which GameKribJEREMY (now IcecreamCow) let go derelict and was reclaimed by the SYSTEM. Now I came across a Near spawn residence on smp1 a while back and hadn't decided what to do with it; until a couple days ago. :)

    So I ended up giving it over to one of my alts: ChickenEar - and have started construction. Many items have been added to the gamee since the original Empire Pool, so naturally I will try and improve it.

    I have only got the actual pool part done, but have much more planned for it. Not currently looking for help on it, but may eventually seek help if I have any issues - Like a design for pool chairs

    No ETA on the completion, as I haven't finished designing it yet; but feel free to drop by residence 211 and check it out!

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  2. Good to see its spelled correctly ;)
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  3. Awesome:) glad it's revived:D
  4. Love the video of the old pool. Between the sword in your hand and the seeming hesitation to jump you look terrified :p:D
  5. Need any supplies? I would be glad to donate to a project like this.
  6. I don't currently need any. I have been buying stuff as I think of it so far - already have any Iron I needed for the project. (have plenty of money so that isn't an issue)
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  7. I'll be a digger if I'm avaible :) ( can't play all next week :( )
  8. *NOTE* the screenshot is not from creative; it is straight from the server. Shouldn't have to much digging left
  9. Thank you :)
    I remember the pool and I loved it. Glad to see its returned.
  10. First to pee in the pool.
    I win.
  11. We should have one of these on every server...
  12. hmm, I don't have enough alts for that :p (or do I) just have to supporter them up for a month I guess. lol.

    If every server had one, it wouldn't be special any more.
  13. I love it, looks nice underwater according to Nick's pic
  14. imagesCAQV5MCM.jpg
  15. Here's a pretty good pic of it underwater, without me peeing in it.
  16. It's in red >.<
  17. This part?
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  18. Will you be providing us with flotation devices?
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  19. hmm, I might find a place for people to rest on in the middle of the water; but haven't decided exactly what yet :)
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