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Should I make it?

Yeah 20 vote(s) 95.2%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I wouldn't pay for an ad 1 vote(s) 4.8%


    Empire Newspaper

    So, I have an idea, and I would like you guys' opinions on it. So, a good while ago, I though of having a newspaper for EMC, called Empire Newspaper in the forums, about a paragraph or two long, and be posted about every week. I forgot about this for months, but then, today I remembered it and decided it might be worth a shot. The only variation of the original idea is that I would sell five ad spaces or so, so people could advertise their businesses. I thought about maybe thirty rupees per ad, and thought that sounded good. So, what do you guys think, should I try it?
    I thought that I would add a "Paragraph O' Links" which would contain links to interesting posts.
  2. I would like someone to help me find interesting threads and activities, to make the posts more interesting.
    Please PM me if you would like to help.
  3. Yeah go for it, I'd buy slots in it and it'd be good for members who are somewhat disconnected and can't get on as often as they'd like.
  4. Thanks for the support, man! I will make a draft, then see what people think of it (No ads until I get all slots filled)
  5. I will donate 10k and buy ad-slot for 1 year please.

    I'll send the donation and payment now, PM me when you are ready to publish for the details.

    Good luck!
  6. Is this newspaper going to be broadcasted over every week?
  7. go for it I will pay for first ads plz :)

    also love the links idea!
    but... PLEASE NO STAFF! I like them I just want an thing that is player hosted!
  8. *
    *puts away typewriter*
    Fine, be like that.
  9. not that way I just want the people to do things and know "i don't need a green name to do that" kinds thingy
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  10. Go for it! Sounds like a great idea!
  11. Nah, I gotcha, just messin around. I look forward to having a player run newspaper, always nice to have a new perspective to examine something from.
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  12. Awesome.
    Hashhog has a newspaper thing. ;)

  13. I thought I could improve my photo editing skills, but it looks like I haven't improved. :p Use it if you like it. If you think its ugly, you can say it, I won't be offended. ;)

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  14. *whispers* So... hows the newspaper coming along?
  15. XD

    Much better than my 2-minute scribble, but why is my face in it?
  16. *whispers, too*
    Well, I'm getting a draft, but it would help a lot if people could PM about any events they think could be interesting.
    I am still not sure where I should put the ads.
  17. I have also thought about this. Although I never planned to do it. You could put in various snapshots that players give you. You could even have a photographer that would go to events to get pictures. You could interview players or staff and give stories about their Empire or off Empire lives, or their Empire projects etc... And yes charge people to put adds in it. I would do one thing differently. I would get a big list of players that want it sent to their inbox and sent it directly to them. That way you would be guaranteed that these players would read it and as an advertiser that would mean more to me than just putting it up and hoping someone just happened to look at it. If you do it this way I would like it sent to my inbox.
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  18. That would be a great idea! Thanks, I think I'll try that
  19. no because I would c it u would see it but the random unknowing player would not, I would be les likely to buy ads if this was the ides :)
  20. Actually, I meant it would still be available to anyone just sent to anyone that requested it also. I would be more apt to advertise if he told me that he sent it directly to 200 players inboxes than if I just relied on him to bump a thread.
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