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Is this enough posisions, or are there more that should be added

Enough 5 vote(s) 83.3%
Needs More 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Notice:
    I have determined that I cannot run this paper, because I frankly don't have the time. I thank you for all the support you guys have given me. Anyone who would like to have a chance to become a manager, fill out a job form for it. Five at maximum, three at minimum, people will be selected and will be voted on. Whoever gets more votes will be the successor of the newspaper. The will take my job, and all PMs should go to him/her.

    Original post:

    The more I have though about Empire Newspaper, I noticed that I need staff for it.
    Here are some slots I would like to fill:
    Photographer -- Preferably with Silder's Shaders
    Reporter -- To collect info on events and stuff
    Forum Sweeper -- Helps point out interesting threads

    If anyone would like to fill a slot, then just fill the form:

    -Staff Position
    -Why you should have the job
    -How often you can do the job

    Example form:

    Staff Position: Reporter
    Why: I am a nice writer and use correct grammar
    How often: About once a day, for about an hour

    Thanks for all the support I've gotten, I am exited to see where this goes!
  2. By the way, for photographers, it would be helpful if you hit F1 before taking a screenshot :)
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  3. Staff Position: Forum Sweeper
    Why: I do it anyway so :rolleyes: Why not help out
    How often: Daily for about 2 hours
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  4. Thanks, man! If you see anything interesting, please PM me about it :)
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  5. Staff position: Reporter
    Why: I'm involved in many events in the empire and I like new things and telling others about them
    When: usually an hour-ish every day
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  6. Staff Position: Reporter
    Why: I've had past experience writing for a newspaper on a different server, and I would like to do it again. I will always use correct spelling and grammar.
    When: 2-3 times a week, for an hour. I would go to at least 1 event a week, and interview players about their experiences on the Empire (maybe have a running aritcle series in which 1 story a week is posted about how a player found the Empire).

    Staff Position: Photographer
    Why: I have Optifine, and can get any Shaders my computer can handle (probably most shaders you can find). I would use Shaders in my screenshots and take screenshots of events. ;)
    When: 2-3 times a week, for about 30 mins at a time, at events that happen between 1 and 5 PM EMC time.

    Yes, I'm applying for 2 positions. :D This is really cool, and I want to be as much a part of it as a I can!
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  7. That's interesting... Never hear of it before until I thought of it myself.
    I would appreciate you helping with it!
    Although, I need some stories before I write a draft. If you can make a story, can you PM it to me? Then I could incorporate it into the draft. Once I have a final draft, I will sell five ad slots.
    Then, finally I will publish the first issue. Thanks for the help! I also look forward to seeing the screenshots!
    Consider using the mod Mo' Bends, it makes players look very cinematic.
    Here it is: Mo' Bends 1.8
    Remember to change B : Player to true in the config, or players won't be animated.
  8. Staff job: Photographer
    Why: i have those shader's and i also want to have expirence on taking pictures
    When: anytime
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  9. I'm glad to see so much interest in this idea. I can't wait to see the first issue.

    Is there currently any projected date for the first release ?
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  10. When will we be contacted that we got the job?
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  12. I can be a forum sweeper
    Also what other jobs are there :p;)
    I'm always have forums in the background while I play :p
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  13. Dibs on forum sweeper
  14. Also, would you guys be fine with the newpaper offices being on my res?
  15. How many postions are left?
  16. I am
    I am hoping to have the public places in my res dedicated to the newspaper.
  17. Though I will be manger no more, I would still hope to have at least a division of my res devoted to the newspaper. Whoever will run the newspaper will surely get much support from me. If anyone needs an office for it, my res is okay for it.
  18. Staff Position: Manager
    Why you should have the job: Because I think I would enjoy it, as I like managing ongoing projects like this. Also because you're no longer Manager, and someone needs to fill the position. I've had experience reporting for in-game newspapers before, and I have been coordinating groups of people for a long time. I find that I'm very meticulous with anything I write, and make sure it's written correctly and in a way that is presentable.
    How often you can do the job: I can commit to doing it for 1-4 hours a day, pretty much as long as it will require. I'll only be able to spend about an hour on Sundays, but all other days I'm open pretty much as long as I'm awake.
  19. There are a total of one applier to takeover the newspaper. We need only two more to start the poll for next manager. If you applied in the Empire Newspaper thread by EpicSubtastic, you will have to copy it over here for it to count. Again, thank you for the support!