Empire Minecraft Trading System

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Would you like trading system?

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  1. So today I was brainstorming some awesome ideas for EMC and one of them was cross~server trading (or maybe not cross server) and it cwn easily be worked in seconds. This may hopefully if it is approved be patched in 1.3 for EMC to mirror the villager trading.

    Command; \trade [Player name] [Item]
    Cross~Server Command; \trade [Player name] [Server] [Item]
    Reply Command; \[Player name] Accept\Denied
    Cross~Server Reply Command; \[Player name] [Server] Accept\Denied

    You may trade any item currently in EMC. You can also trade a number of items that can stack at the time you are trading.

    Please reply to the poll if reading this thread I would like to know if you do or do not like the idea.
  2. Interesting idea but not so sure about it.
  3. Yes i fear many people not sure
  4. One thing that keeps EMC seperate from other servers is that EMC contains next to no command based plugins. Everything is either on a sign or has a gui. Maybe with the villiager trading, the gui will be availible to use?