Empire Minecraft News: November 2017

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  1. It's been a while since we did one of these, so I apologize if it's not as pretty as it used to be. Time has simply flown by this year, like a Turkey trying to escape someone after its Turkey Slicer *hint hint*
    So let's get started...;)

    No More Haunts and Spooks
    With the nightly update, Aikar disabled the holiday event for Halloween. You can no longer trade candy for points. The /hscore and /smpscore commands allow players to track the highest point earners overall and on each SMP. Top 10 winners of the GLOBAL competition only will receive 25,000r and 5,000 tokens each. Winners of each server will have their names displayed in the Empire Wiki with pride as their prize.

    The GLOBAL winners of the 2017 version are as follows:
    • 1/2: azoundria and Kikudusk (1255)
    • 3: VermiciousKid (1039)
    • 4: Lomax70 (957)
    • 5: Vortixin (859)
    • 6: iamkhatru (855)
    • 7: MocoMiner (774)
    • 8: Roslyn (766)
    • 9: carlmoss (758)
    • 10: bralukwie (646)
    The SMP winners of the 2017 version are as follows:
    • Globally: azoundria and KikuDusk (1255)
    • Utopia: azoundria (28)
    • SMP1: azoundria (74)
    • SMP2 ItsMeMatheus(95)
    • SMP3: Lomax70 (863)
    • SMP4: luckycordel (110)
    • SMP5: azoundria (85)
    • SMP6: azoundria (39)
    • SMP7: azoundria (92)
    • SMP8: azoundria (51)
    • SMP9: N0TSURE (132)
    Pumpkin Carving Masterpieces
    Congratulations to all you pumpkin defacers out there who took part in this year's Pumpkin Carving contest. Although there could only be one winner, there were so many awesome entries and a lot of effort put in. Full info at: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-pumpkin-carving-2017.73603/

    Your Pumpkin Carving winners for 2017 were:
    1st: MrCDub
    2nd: b0bbythebuild3r
    3rd: The Boracle
    4th: cubefragment
    5th: Sportaflop
    Honorable Mention: CDJS

    Spooky Stories to Put You to Sleep at Night
    Thanks to all of our amazing authors that took part in our Share your Scare book event. The books will be available for one more day (along with that boney horse Omneoss), so be sure to grab yours if you haven't already. Type /promo for more info.

    The complete anthology of the 2017 Scary Story Pack was as follows:
    IRON FARM SMP by DiceyInAction
    The Book by _Levy_McGarden_
    The "OtherWorld" by Snappes
    Hairy Toe by Funnydotbee
    No Junk Mail by PetezzaDawg
    Skeleton Tales by SkeleTin007
    The Washer Woman by Ritunn
    Poor Joanna by Scarmanzer
    True Story by carolmoss
    Seaweed by bboybrian
    Scary Book by Raaynn
    The Garden by PokemonNGK
    The Basement by PokemonNGK
    Haunted Bookshop by TBird1128

    Builders, Builders, Building Everywhere!
    As you may have seen, we've added a new build team member Jelle68 to the team. Please welcome them, as this may have been a tad delayed due to my second bit of news.

    As a result of her dedication to the build team projects, as well as just being plain amazing at what she does, I am pleased to announce that CDJS is now a Build Team Leader. Unlike other leaders, she is not a Staff member, but she does have a fancy title on the forums denoting her new rank. I look forward to the work that Simon and CDJS will produce as they work together as our Team Leads. If you enjoyed the Easter event, then you'll LOVE the Holiday event coming up in December. We're in planning stages now and already looking to get building this next week. #secrets

    November Events and Contests
    Stay tuned to the Empire for more information regarding the annual Veterans Day ceremony, as well as Thanksgiving-themed (and Minecon) contests and events that will be occurring throughout the month of November. The Events Team and Admins have a lot in the pipeline to get out and you don't want to miss any of it! HYPE!!!

    Also welcome back Duckman...
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  2. Ooooooh my roommates a build team leader now :p How special
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  3. ooooh all kinda of goodie news congratz Jelle68 and CDJS!
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  4. looking forward to what is all to come!!!
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  5. Pretty sure Azoundria won purely by trading with his own alts :p
  6. Super excited to see the newsletter returning!!
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  7. Noice, grats CD and to all the winners of things and stuff!
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  8. Gratz on mod chicken

    (build team leader is close enough...)
  9. I love this so far well done :)
  10. Glad you're doing these again, but I thought tomorrow was the last day for htown :/
  11. Congrats to the winners and build teams newest and promoted builders.
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  12. Aikar didn't get the memo and can't restart it really, so it had to end early. That's why it stopped working overnight.
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  13. yayyyy cd deserves it she puts in tons of work unlike *clears throat* some of the OTHER build team members
  14. Congrats to all, but Might i suggest some rules for the next Halloween type event? I had a few members spam my PM's and tell me to go give them candy after i have told them many times that I am not doing the event, and that i am busy. There where even those who sent messages in spam every hour for several hours to the point where i gave up, and did not log on during the Halloween event. So maybe in the future something like do not spam players pm's asking as there will be some penalty. I am sure many new players who just joined do not want to hear that as well.

    Anyways Congrats to all the Promotions, and to build team leader CD!
  15. Thanks everyone for the congratulations! I'm looking forward to working more with the team and taking on a bit more responsibility. Congratulations to all of the Halloween event winners!

    Leave my team alone, but also ty :p
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  16. Congrats to CD, and Jelle:D
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  17. Omg... i just cant keep up with it all at the moment... so much happening... congrats to the new team members.... including any I already missed somewhere. :)

    never gonna catch up on the rest.....
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  18. Apply for build team pls.
  19. Grats CDizzle and Jelle!
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