Empire MineCast First Pilot Episode!

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  1. Hey guys, Jabrzer0 (Jordan) and I (Aaron) have just successfully uploaded our first MineCast!

    We ask you all to bear with us while we gain some experience doing this, since we have practically zero experience with Youtube videos. This first episode is basically just the videos we had at the moment. It has a challenge we gave ourselves, to be placed in a newly reset SMP5 and survive (it has a to be continued) and we also included an idea of doing short residence highlight (this time of way2smrt's rock, paper, scissors game).

    We really want the ideas to keep flowing in so we can make this as community oriented as possible (one idea we are tossing around is doing a series of RPG quest type missions that everyone who wants to can participate in that we will run. It's a work in progress... hopefully). Give us as many ideas as you all can muster and we will see what we can do :)

    EDIT: As much as we really appreciate all of the comments on helping with sound and recording and such, we really don't need the help at the moment, since we have some more things to try with recording. If we need assistance we'll ask, but until then we are all good :)
  2. I must say, I am so happy with all the ways this community has become so vibrant and active. I look forward to more episodes from Jabrzer0 and Yukon1200 in the future!
  3. nice use hd record
  4. This was very entertaining! You were both lively as you played, and actually interacted well. Most LPs tend to get dull and the voice overs don't even sound like they care. Well done! I'll actually have to start watching these if you guys continue. :)

    If you have any questions about Youtube and video editing, feel free to ask! I'm always willing to help.

    EDIT: Haha! JustinGuy, you are a Magical Fairy.
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  5. I think that was excellent! I found myself rooting for you to find a tree so hard. We've all been there, out in the wild, just needing ONE thing and not being able to find it. Great job.
  6. I can see us asking for assistance at some point hahaha and for the record, the Magical Fairy thing was my idea :)
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  7. Wonderful video but what recording software are you using? Also you appear to be recording your sound via microphone from speakers. It may interest you in trying to find a better software that just records the game and ingame sound. Fraps works excellently for that purpose as you can see in my videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/Eccentricgamingbites?feature=mhee Hit me up on youtube and we could try to collaborate to make some interesting videos. I always like server based videos due to their spontaneity and fun! Once again keep up the good work.
  8. hey i was wondering if i could be featured in one of these.i have something i think most would find HILARIOUS.(or cruel) :)
  9. Fantastic job, you two! I ended up in the drink after the reset too, so I totally feel your pain!

    Can't wait for the next installment :D
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  10. Nice. xD
    Don't hesitate to ask, I'm all ears. Well, all eyes. Listening to text on a screen is unhealthy.
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  11. I would make my own, as I am epicness of epic, but do not have a recording setup. Maybe this year the BestBuy stockpiler can be Santa, because Santa works so hard.
  12. Pretty nice video!
    Keep it comin' we won't need yogcast coming over here, we will have our own famous peoplezz! :p
    Adding to TonicThunder, if you guys need any kind of help, maybe making a more epic intro (GFX or anything else) ask me too! :)
  13. We are indeed using the mic that's built into Jabr's computer. We have another mic that we can use, and we might do so, since we can easily line up the audio with the game using Final Cut Pro X. If we need any assistance we will contact you :p
  14. This was pretty good! I hate recording minecraft on my mac because all you hear is he sound of the fan constantly whirring in the background. So annoying XD Also I was wondering what you were using to record, because I may have an alternate that possibly works better.
  15. Oh, I may as well mention this. I am starting a program that screen captures Java related apps without all of the hassle that Fraps can cause. (Fraps has uncompressed clips which takes up LOTS of space on your hard drive. It also does not capture each true pixel on the screen, which causes slight blur win the video recording.) If I manage to get it working, It will be a free app for all to download. I'll be sure to notify you if I am successful. :)
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  16. You are quite right about the blurring it is a LITTLE annoying... If you get your program up Ill be the first to download :D
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  17. loving it, and maybe someday my res will show up there............nope
  18. In the beginning.. we all knew JustinGuy was a Magical Fairy. xD
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  19. Winning. I can't wait to see this continue.
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  20. lmao, nice video