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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hades4000, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. I Have been wanting an empire firework as soon as i saw what they did. although the price is high i think i can get one if anyone can donate some money. i have about 2k at the moment (soz i spent most of it paying workers) so a donation would be greatly apprectiated. :D

  2. Please don't beg.
  3. No money for you!
  4. Step 1) get 2 dc's of oak logs. Very quickly
    Step 2) Auction for them to end on the 1st.
    Step 3) If all goes well, they will sell for 10k or more, and then you buy one.
    Other wise, I'm sorry, I can't help you.
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  5. I Thought Asking Nicely isn't begging. begging is you know, begging! :) :D LoL

  6. Actually i can make it end on Jan 2nd for aussies :D
  7. Jan 2 My B-Day! :D Had to put that out their But...
    I would recoment,
    1) Go to wild take a silk Touch Pick
    2) Mine alot of Iron Gold Diamond Emerald anything you can find
    3) Go back to town
    4) Sell the items earn more r
    5) Go to Spawn and buy the firework! :D
    Note: You must complete this before it ends xD
    Have Fun!

    EDIT: ORR You can VOTE For EMC up to 700r Each DAY!!! :D more money!
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  8. why "32" days in a creeper apocalypse?
  9. And your asking for money. Begging. Be gone.
  10. Douth shall nut use de thread da beg, your highness.
  11. step 1) post thread asking for money
    step 2) get yelled by people
    step 3) so random cat guy pays you 18k to buy a firework
    step 4) crazy cat guy frowns at the mean people
    step 5) you hopefully buy a EMC firework

  12. I'm assuming you gave him 18k. I actually would not be surprised because this is the same peoson who bought a DC of dirt for 16k. And told me to keep it.
  13. Yah, I getting a second one, just so I can have on for my self and one for selling later on in 2013.
  14. This is begging and will not get you anywhere. Go out there, cut down a bunch of trees, and auction the logs off.
  15. Remember Hades, I buy lots of logs and other stuff too :)
  16. I like your cats. Had seen them on tumblr but I still like them.

    I don't like that people who beg actually get what they were begging for, because that only encourages more begging, which is annoying and doesn't help them a bit enjoying the game experience. Maybe not this guy, but the next one who asks you for a ton of money will soon get tired of whatever he wanted to buy and leave the server, making your donation useless, while there's other people with amazing projects out there who work on their shops to get sponsoring.

    And I don't like people being nasty at the OP either, that's not helpful and won't make him stop begging. At least he wasn't like "OMGGGPLZZZMONYYY4FIRWEEHRRKZ!!".

    Oh and I'm not all serious right now xD I just read what I wrote and I'm not bossing anyone-I do sound bossy LOL-, I'm just sharing my thoughts on this matter.
  17. thanks for everyones yelling, and michael's donation. :)

    yes i realised this is sort of begging and i will not be doing this again. :D
  18. xD

    1) what do u mean u saw my cats on tumbler? The memes?
    2) look how long he's been here I doubt he'll quit after getting a part of EMC history
  19. Will u buy a dc of dirt for 10k from me :D
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