Empire 1.12 Update! World of Color - 6/23/17

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  1. Hello everyone! It is time, one of our fastest major game updates in modern times; :) 1.12 has arrived to EMC!
    This update was able to come much quicker than before as our upstream dependencies decided to actually do the update based on snapshots.

    This gave us the time to get the hard work done all before the major release! We could of been out even sooner than this, but sadly I just wasn't feeling up to working on it some days and been busy, but finally it has been finished.

    EMC doesn't have much to go with this update outside of the update itself, except a significant change (for the better) for Parrots!

    EMC Changes to Parrots
    On EMC, Parrots will not leave your shoulder unless you manually type a command to release them. Parrots may only be released on a residence you have admin on, or in the wild.
    • You may issue any of the following commands, parrotrelease, prel, releaseshoulders, ejectshoulders, relsh
      Followed by left/right/both on which parrot to release

      example: /parrotrelease both
    • This will release them as they normally would in Vanilla when jumping.
    • You may also type /parroteggify, pegg, eggifyshoulders, eggsh and left/right/both to convert them into an egg instead. This may be done anywhere other than non-town areas.
    This will allow players to keep parrots better as decoration while traveling. Not specifying an argument implies that you want both shoulders.

    Reporting Bugs
    As always, please report bugs to this thread and/or PM to the dev team.
    Any bugs related to duping or exploits, please DO NOT post on this thread, and only privately message the Dev Team.
    If you accidentally run into a bug, don't "keep trying to figure it out for us". Immediately stop and inform us. Abuse of bugs is a bannable offense!

    But overall, we think this is going to be a super stable update, so enjoy!

    Other EMC Updates
    • Added /compass ui. This has also been added to the Empire Assistant. /assist.
    • Improved the formatting/wording and overall backend code for the interfaces.
    • Guardians are no longer super OP with their "laser beams".
    Known Problems with 1.12 effecting EMC
    • For our utopia players, parrots will become invisible if you start flying. You must re-login to fix this.
    • 1.12 added a Narrator function to Minecraft. On EMC all messages through chat are considered 'System' messages, so do not surprised when it does not detect 'Chat'
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  2. 1st

    You forgot the remote shops lol
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  3. Awesome work!! :) Thanks all! :)
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  4. Nice work, been looking forward to this release for a while now! Woohoo!
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  5. Now I want to go play in a giant ball pit, lol. Great work everyone! I can't wait to play with the new blocks in pixel art.
  6. Welp, birbs are now a thing. I now expect a feathered army of Lucky's minions to conquer and subjugate us all. GG folks.
  7. Duuuuude! Finally.. staying up until freaking 3am is gonna pay off!

    Literally love this update.. it makes everything so much more colorful.. Welp.. that's probably why it's called.. Nevermind.
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  8. Naturally, something on my machine doesn't agree with 1.12 in perfect timing! :p
  9. I think you just broke smelting.

    edit: my bad, smelting is fine
  10. Let it be noted. This was a misunderstanding. You must re-color Terracotta before smelting into glazed terracotta.
  11. Woot :D 1.12 finaly :) Now it's time to actually update my MC to 1.12 (still hadn't done that...)
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  12. A town path lined up perfectly with spawn stairs. Neat!

    smp9, waste NE, facing West
  13. Birbs and Borbs
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  14. Yarr harr fiddle dee dee :)
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  15. i have a parrot he sits on my shoulder i love him his name is polly
  16. Ha, nice!

    Who made the graphic? I always miss the credits there. :) I love it!
  17. Errrmegherd!!! Berds!!! Lol Thank you all for the lovely update!!!