EMC's World ReCord Book!

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  1. In this thread i will record records from forums and in game

    Suggesting a new record,

    Simply post what you think should be added

    Submitting a record,

    State the record name and proof of beating current record

    Screenshots videos or other proof


    Forum Records
    Most posts by member: FDNY21: 11,010
    Most posts by staff member: AlexChance: 8,380
    Largest vote bonus: Player: 0
    Most new inbox messages: Player: 0
    Most new alerts: FDNY21: 754
    Most rupees log pages: Player: 0
    Most token log pages: Player: 0
    Most followers: Player: 0
    Member following most people: Player: 0

    In Game
    Most time in game on one SMP: ThaKloned: 0.57 Y
    Most time in game across all SMP's: Geistkitsune: 148.53
    Most jumps in one SMP: Geistkitsune: 2,277,724
    Most jumps across all SMP's Geistkitsune: 2,358,616
    Longest walked distance: Evsthery: 7335.60 km
    Longest distance by minecart: Twinkett: 11808.03 km
    Most player kills: Dr_Chocolate14: 5,706
    Most of of type hostile mobs killed by one player: CallMeTower: 10,428
    Most damage dealt in one SMP: Geistkitsune: 1,373,619.9
    Most damage dealt across all SMP's: Geistkitsune: 1,529,766.9
    Most of 1 EMC custom item: FDNY21: 121 (Haunted Candy Shiny Flesh, Arrows, Cupid Arrows, Cooked Turkrys, Empire Assistants, Zombie Virus dont Count)
    Most rupees owned by 1 Member: Player: 0
    Most tokens owned by 1 Member: Player: 0
    Largest town build: Datzmine: 24 (measured in Residences)
    Most of one type of block mined: Thakloned: 1,057,578
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  2. Oh my gosh, this capitalization... Some of these I don't see some people wishing to share, such as rupees. Just my thought.
    edit... please fix this capitalization, its not hard to just press shift with proper nouns and the beginning of sentences...
  3. Notice How I didnt Put anyone for Rupees At the start? I know some peoples But Dont Want To Post It Without them Knowing Or Wanting it to be On Here
  4. I think ShelLuser takes home the nicest EMC user award. :cool:
  5. Unfortunetly I can't Set That Record Without knowing the player
  6. Most Love Potion No.9 -3I was forced to do this.
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  7. Does Cooked Turkey count for most custom EMC itms?
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  8. no sorry Forgot to add that
  9. Go to the members section and it tells you how many posts the highest posting have if you scroll down and look on the right. I have the most posts on forums as a member, AlexChance has most posts on forums as a staff member.

    As for most alerts, consider this one :p

    Although, I do think it would be quite hard to keep the records updated, as you'd have to update the highest posting all the time because the posts always change. It can be hard to prove for some of these options as well.

    You may also want to exclude more items from the "highest number of same custom items" section such as the Empire assistant. As for the most of the same custom items, I have 121 Mineral Mincers if you want to add that to the list :p

    Good luck :)
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  10. This is for SMP2
    For Minutes played and Distance Walked:

    For Jumps:
  11. Well, there are dozens of very helpful players out there. But there's one record which I'm pretty sure to have in the bag, as the saying goes, and its writing the longest posts! :D

    When I wrote my first rant on the Empire I was super excited with obvious results: it didn't fit in one post :cool:

    Auch, I'm shocked and my dreams have been shattered (naah!) :D

    Well, here I am (but not to try and snatch a record mind you ;)). Name's ShelLuser, been on EMC for approx. 1.25 year and I really like to participate on these forums. I'm probably best known (notorious? ;)) for the extensive collection of guides which I wrote (see this link) and plenty of people seem to enjoy some of the stories I wrote (and still write) in the Writers corner (if you like reading you should definitely check that forum out, EMC has a really good selection of writers who all share some of their work there!).

    SO yeah... Pleased to meet you! :)
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  12. Sorry About That I removed that Record Due To It Being Unrealistic to Know All 400k Members :p

    Nice to meet you too! all I really knew About you was you gave the 80k member boots to hash( i think)
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  13. Seems like this wasn't posted but who has the most residences? I know it is DatzMine but I forgot how many
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  14. I am Aware Of His Project it has 28 res's I think But I Didnt Want To add this Without hi knowing
  15. I plan to make the biggest pixel art that EMC has yet to see. I will tell you it will be awesome and should break some type of record :p

    Put a record for the largest statue too, I have a 98 block tall statue of foxy on 2882.
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  16. Maybe Minutes played, Damage Dealt.

    Stone Mined 1,057,578 times :D

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  17. I own 28DC's of zombie virus ;)
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  18. :p Thats Also Supost to be on the list of items that dont count
  19. Ayy I still know that >.>
    We wanted to get you a 4-digit number, but we needed one more account ;-;

    also my statistics:
    I only played 1.5 years on this PC I got now ans I still use 2PC's I play on, so this could actually be only around 1/4th of what my real statistics are. But I wont beat ThaKloned anyways xD
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