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  1. So... this is the fancy new EMC Wiki account - which will be used to post guides/wiki updates and all that. But, also has 4 reses, which I intend to fill with tutorials. However, I'm pretty much out of ideas.

    I need suggestions for what tutorials I should add. I have 3 normal reses, plus a Utopia one, so have plenty of space.

    Tutorials need to be repeatable, completely automated and require no interaction from me at all (once build). I've created a locking things in the wild one as an example - use /v EmpireWiki while on SMP1 to see it.

    So, has anyone got ideas for more?
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  2. You should do one on how to set up a chest shop.
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  3. Let me guess.... Jackbiggin. :p I'd show how to use the rupee and shop system, and maybe go through the tutorial (Block out the answers) so the can get a feel for how the empire runs.
  4. Do one about how to appeal bans-I've had enough of the threads saying, "Plz Appeal my ban I ddnt do anything!"
  5. Shop system one will be happening - I know how to "deactivate" shop signs (using the same technique I used to "lock" chests in town), so it shouldn't be a problem.

    What would you include in terms of rupees, jacob? I'd have to show it mainly on signs, and I want it to at least slightly unboring. :p

    That's for the actual wiki, not to be build in-game. ;)
  6. That was exactly my first thought. Either that or several people.

    To get back on topic, also show the reses and how the mods are helpful and how to correctly approach a moderator with problems.
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  8. On the idea of rupees, I just meant how you can earn rupees and how you can use your rupees through the empire. Also, vault system, how EXP travels through servers, and how anvils only cost 5 levels unless you are repairing something.
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  9. All excellent ideas.

    Remember that these are for in-game tutorials guys, not ones on the website. :)
  10. You should make the old shops the wiki tutorials, and make 3 wiki acounts, so u can claim them all
  11. Yeah.... no

    That's like $100...
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  12. Yup. Just about.
  13. Wait, is EMC wiki run by the mods, or is it an actual paying player?
  14. Chances are its jackbiggin :p
  15. Wiki is run by Jack.
  16. I think this account might belong to all the wiki staff though
  17. wait, so which 1

    jack, or the wiki staff?

    or did you mean the emc staff?
  18. The wiki staff, Jack, Soul, and mba.
    The emcwiki is not run by any EMC staff.
  19. I'm assuming this is jacks account as it says that it is 15 like him and it wants something it doesn't have to do therefore it must be jack :)
  20. o, ok, well nvm, i thought it was a staff account where they cud give the emcwiki account diamond for free