EMC T-shirt design contest. (Yes, another contest)

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  1. The T-shirt design contest is finally here!

    Since most of us here love EMC and MINECRAFT so much that we want to wear them. The contest is not limited to anyone and you can submit two designs. Even designs you submitted for the wallpaper contest can be made into a t-shirt.

    Enter your submission HERE

    What will you get for your hard work and creativity?
    One each of the three winning designs will go to the winners.

    First place:
    One each of the winning shirts.
    15,000 rupees
    A personalized signature.

    Second place:
    One each of the winning shirts.
    7,000 rupees
    A personalized signature.

    Third place:
    One each of the winning shirts.
    5,000 rupees
    A personalized signature.

    The contest will run until june 8th, a vote will be held from june 9th until the 15th. Allow yourselves to use your imagination. However all designs will be submitted for approval to admin and mods before voting.

    No obscenities or obscene images.
    Do not use any copyrights in a way not intended by the creators.
    You are allowed to use copyrights as long as they are done in a good and reasonable way. (Since it will be for personal use the shirts will not infringe upon copyrights as long as they are not disrespectful.)
    Please no abstract images.
    No gang related images or words.
    No advertisements.
    You are allowed two designs, please dont spam. Spammers will have all submissions removed.
    Use your own work, I know some people that constantly search art and photo sites, I will be asking them if any of the submissions are ripped.
    Any design website's programs are allowed as are all editing software.

    If you want to donate to the contest please PM me. Anyone that donates over 5,000 rupees will be getting a shirt as a thank you!

    PS.: EDIT. Dont feel bad if you do not win, all extra shirts will be donated to various groups to use as prizes in future contests and events.

    Special thanks to:
    Thestar19 10k rupees.
  2. If only i had moneyz
  3. For what? The contest is free. Oh you mean to donate and get a shirt
  4. Lol, nothing it's going the way i've expected. If I get no submissions I will make some and post them for a vote. I had some events occurred that have left me somewhat dire straights. I will uphold my commitment for this event however. Shirts will be made in small, large and xx-large to accommodate the largest amount of people. Perhaps I will upgrade small to medium, I have to research a population bias.
  5. Just posting to see what happens with the ad thing. Everytime I post something here it shows me a relevant ad. So new cars and buy a house.