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  1. Hey i have a problem with my lottery system on my plot, When the blocks get dropped they come together in stacks, can you fix this?
    Owner of the Empire minecraft, i put the video on youtube because i had no other way of getting it too you... so please staff members who see this send this to the head developers/owner so they can see this and see if its possible to fix this, i know it is! Thank you everyone!

    The blocks get into stacks from to far or close from each other! PLEASE FIX ASAP <3
  2. That is intentional. As I understand it, it is done to reduce load on the server and clients. While you are mining, for example, a stack of cobble would be represented by one entity rather than 64.
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  3. Pretty much what Pab said. It's intentional to reduce server and client lag.
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  4. So chances are they won't fix it :( I wasted like 2 hours trying to make that
  5. yes unfortunately, sorry man. you might look into other ways. this one i believe is a 1:5 chance of winning if you would like to use it
  6. Bug or not, next time if you think you have a bug please pm aikar: Here

    You don't want a bug getting leaked out :)
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  7. Just space the items out by 5 blocks, and they won't group.
  8. also lotteries are illegal per emc rules.
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  11. I prefer to view these sorts of things as learning experiences. Consider your work an experiment. Now that you understand what is happening you can work around it or even find a way to use it to your advantage.
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  12. Its a Spigot optimisation thing. Grouping items together is less laggy than single items.
  13. Alright thanks guys :( Ill try and make the slot machine wider
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  14. That will likely fix your problem. :D good luck
  15. thanks :)