EMC Skin Festival!

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  1. Welcome everyone to the first ever EMC Skin Festival.

    Here's what's going on, MandrakeMolotov and me (zanderboy) have decided to hold a contest. The contest is to make the best player skin you can, and then at a small festival that will be held on Saturday, each person who made a skin for it, which I hope will be the best they can make, will be called up to show off their skin! After that, a voting thread will be put up with a poll and pictures of the contestants and you, the Empire players will vote! Any and all players are welcome to come to my lot, number 1249 and see the skins in person. MandrakeMolotov will be MCing.

    This is how to enter:
    1. Send Mandrake or me a message telling us you want to participate.
    2. Make a skin, the best you can, between now and Saturday.
    3. Make sure you are ready and have it on for the festival.
    The festival will be on SMP1 on my lot, number 1249. There will be three winners, with three prizes.
    The prizes are:

    • 1st place: 300r and a Diamond Pickaxe!
    • 2nd place: 200r and a Iron Pickaxe!
    • 3rd place: 100r and 32 Jack-o-Lanterns! (I have too many lol)
    I can't wait to see all the great skins that people will make! I will post in this thread tomorrow with what time the festival will be, with several different time zones. Keep mining Empire!
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  2. id like to enter but could it be sunday? my school bans media on mon.-thurs. should be boss-o-roo!
  3. One question, you only have access to a computer at school? On the point of making it Sunday, we will need to see how many people sign up and when they are available.
  4. ummm... no. my computer is at home... this sunday?
  5. im done with my skin... can u just give me all da' prizes because nobody else joined?? ._.
  6. Lol, sorry I didn't post before, but the contest is off. You were the only one who wanted to do it, so me and Mandrake decided not to do it.
  7. do i get a prize if i show u my skin? its EPIC!
  8. You can show me your skin, and I will send you 400r as a prize for being the only contestant. But as there are no others, I can not give you full prize.
  9. thats fine... at least its rupees.
  10. Are you going to send me the skin to look at?