EMC Show Yourself Thread 2022

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  1. jaq's alt acct. :p
  2. Huh? No. You didn't point to a picture. A picture link will end in an extension such as '.jpg' or '.png', which will almost always be shown in the address bar. Thus, 'https://imgur.com/gallery/qrv1UCp' is not a picture link. I was going to share your picture, but the link you provided actually yields a 404.

    Not sure what happened to Faded's, it was there before. I think you probably have linked from a temporary storage.

    I'm still considering whether to share a picture from the play... the cool pictures have other people in it, and I'm not sure if I'd get permission, but I have one with only me in it.
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  3. W Austin Hotel & Residences, Austin
  4. bro just got doxxed 💀💀
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  5. Hardcore, too! That is the exact place I was at!
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  6. I love your hat :)
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  7. https://imgur.com/a/8VclgZg

    Sorry I couldn’t get the picture of me to pop up, I tried haha.

    But just incase anyone wanted to know what I looked like here you go
  8. You mean jaqques? :p

    I'm hoping for a picture from the prom to post here, but I haven't received them yet, nor do I know if there's an okay one in there, nor do I know if my prom date would be okay with me sharing it here. :p So that remains in suspense for now.
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  9. Yeah I did :rofl: :lmao: wrote in the wrong box :eek:

  10. Super excited to share this with y'all! crafter31211 and myself were able to meet up today at my card shop :eek:

    First person from EMC I've been able to meet in person!
  11. That's cool! :D
  12. Hope you all are having a good September! Here are a couple of pics from over the summer. :)

    Did someone say MoreMOOple?
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  13. Lovely pictures! :D
    Did not see the cow coming. :D