EMC residence template map

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  1. So... I don't know if anyone's already done this, but I made a simple template map for a 60x60 residence in single player creative mode. I figured it would make it easier to design res's without marking out a 60x60 area each time.
    Here's the .rar file: RAR
    and the .zip: ZIP
    That's all! If you need the uncompressed version or a 120x120, just post to this thread!
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  2. Nice work super, it will definitely come in handy for me :) Thanks.
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  3. Lol i saw the title, and immediately thought of that guy who was like "where do i get the map from give me the file", and i was like "Oh gosh..." But good job! Will be very useful for designing new stuff:)
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  4. Ya lol same
  5. noice too bad my PC is dead.... :'(