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  1. Expect this to be quite possibly the most messy update/release post I have ever made as I'm posting it from my iPod which doesn't support the fancy editor.

    So, EMC has referral banners and referral links. However, it doesn't have personalised referral banners that show YOUR info to possible newcomers.

    Well, that's no longer the case. I present to you the EMC signature generator - capable of generating you customised EMC banners for usage on sites such as Minecraft Forum and Planet Minecraft. A whole host of banners are (not yet but will be soon - only the residence ones are currently active) available, so their's one to suite everyone's tastes.

    If anyone is capable of designing amazing banners, then please go ahead. I'll pay 2.5k for every banner that is added to the generator (please send me banners in .png format, without any transparency. Only one text area for the generator to add is currently available - and full sentences involving generated info should be added automatically in full).

    So check it out and let me know what you think. It's available at version 1 is currently offline. Version 2 coming soon.
  2. Very cool! And nicely done jack, it would of took me years to figure out how to do this. *Tips hat* =)

  3. Great job Jack!
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  4. Thanks! :D
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  5. My only regret is that I didn't come up with this first... :p Haha, nah, I'm just kidding, really great work, JackBiggin. :)

    I would really like to use my programming skills for someothing EMC related too... I just don't know what I could do. The stuff that I would think up has already been done, such as the shop database thing, which wasn't all that successful anyway.
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  6. Awesome Signature Generator

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  7. Did it before everyone else ;D
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  8. You helped test it... you don't count. ;P
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  9. So did I :p

    (I made a fake one under the name of IcecreamGod :p)
  10. You did it before anyone else... yet you post the new style of banner (originally it only said SMP1, not the full IP). Y u no make sense?
  11. Wrong image >.>
  12. This is amazing, well done Jack! :D
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  13. If anyone has got any ideas for categories (like the res ones), then please tell me. I'm hardly the best at coming up with ideas.

    Achievement ones are good too - such as defeated the dragon tomb and mob arena champion.
  14. Maybe a rupees and/or TEXP show-off one?

    Bump for Jack :)
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  15. Thanks. :)

    And I like those ideas, I'll add them. Thanks!
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  16. Rupee/TEXP signatures in progress. Trying to decide how to implement them in a way that's not going to be stupidly difficult to implement (will probably just use pre-determined amounts instead of adding yet another box on the input page). I've got to design the images, which will make this take even longer - please, feel free to PM me your designs. ;)

    In other news, I'm going to attempt to change a few things up. Firstly, I want to change it from using three pages (input, results, and the script to show the image) down to two, by merging the input and results pages. By doing that, it'll also let me cut down on the amount of boxes you need to fill in - eg: not having to fill in res number for rupee signatures.
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  17. While implementing the thing that stops me breaking URLs, I kinda broke them all in the process...

    Will try and get old images back up if possible with the new system, if not, then I'll give everyone who's already generated an image priority access on the new version. :)

    Sorry guys!
  18. Just a tip: When you have an existing system in place, and you're making improvements, have a separate test setup where you try out your changes so you don't have to affect the stable version until you're sure your new test version is working as it should.
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  19. Will bare that in mind. I tested the wrong thing, it seems. :)