EMC need Activities

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  1. Emc needs activities that players can do by them selfs

    activities:Skywars,hungergames,buildbattles, and other stuff
  2. Would love to see a skyblock here but have it so you can't bring items into it to make it more of a challenge.
  3. Although your guess is as good as mine: there is a games server which the staff are working on. What this server will provide is pretty much everyone's guess, but who knows... I know of talking about copying / moving (guess on my part) existing games or event areas onto the games server which possibly might expand their options as well.. Specifically the option to allow regular players to operate those devices as well. Note: if I read those comments right, and even if I did that's obviously no guarantee.

    But... You do know that you can create some of those activities yourself, right? A friend and me have been experimenting with skyblock builds on EMC for example. Sure, it's not the same, you won't really die if you fall off, but the idea remains the same: trying to build and expand based on a minimal amount of resources.

    I think there's a lot which us players can build and organize as well.
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  4. There is lots of player run events that people do, which include PvP battles, skin comps, build battles and more. This is a survival server after all not a minigame server. You could easily host an event yourself if you wanted.
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  5. Emc Is a vanilla(ish) smp, not one of those shit minigame servers all copying each other.. if you want to play those types, you know the servers as well as i do.