EMC Museum Part 1: Questions about our Staff

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  1. So, I am creating an EMC Museum on all things EMC. :) There are two buildings: One about staff and heads, and one about everything else. :p I am working on the staff/heads building first. Thus, I would greatly appreciate if anyone, especially staff of any kind, could answer any amount of the following questions.

    • When/why was it added?
    • How does it work and what does it do?
    Staff History Questions
    • When were green/purple staff added and light blue removed?
    • What was the exact purpose of an event coordinizer and when/why were they removed?
    • What were the original staff positions?
    • Who were the founders of EMC/KribKraft, and what level of staff were they?
    General Staff Questions
    • Which staff can build on a 120x120 SMP1-9 res?
    • Which staff can build in town and wild spawns?
    • Are original founders considered to be staff?
    (Old) Blue Staff Questions
    • What were the old blue staff?
    • Were they like old-time mods? What was their main job?
    • Why were they removed?
    Developer Questions
    • Which abilities do developers have? Those of mods? Senior staff?
    • Do developers act as mods as well as coders?
    Moderator Questions
    • What is the main job of a mod?
    • What bonuses do mods (and all staff) get? I have heard of diamond and fifth res. Is this true?
    • What extra abilities do mods have?
    Senior Staff Questions
    • When were senior staff added, and why?
    • Who was MileHi? Was he a test account?
    • What is the difference between senior staff and mods?
    • What abilities do senior staff have that mods don't?
    Admin Questions
    • What is the difference between admins and senior staff?
    • What abilities do admins have the mods don't?
    • How does retirement occur?
    • What happens after retirement/What bonuses are kept?
    • Must you be promoted in a linear fashion? (Regular->Mod->Senior Staff)
    • Which events are staff able to hold, and which staff may run them?
    • For example, mob arena, nether spleef, creature capture, and firefloor.
    I appreciate any answers you can give. If there are any questions you don't want answered to stop community drama or whatever, feel free to delete them. Thanks for any help! :D
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  2. It was added because of a survey the staff created, with some of the results being that a lot of players would like better moderation of the servers. The goal was to:
    It creates an overview of servers, and without revealing anything, it has a main dashboard where reports are displayed as well as online staff, and on separate pages there are tools staff can use for moderation, as well as any logs.
    Square release
    The event coordinator position came about after contests first popped up, the original was the building contest that ISMOOCH ran. From there, more and more appeared so the staff of the time must have decided to elect Amadai as Event Coordinator (for multiple reasons I'd assume, but mainly that role because she had run one or two herself). The role eventually died out after Amadai left and became inactive (but we have her back now :D)
    In a general sense, only staff with global permissions ((Dev?) Snr, Admin) can build on a larger plot and in spawns, but a moderator can request a larger residence for a purpose.
    Keep the community safe for everyone, make sure everyone behaves, help people out when they're stuck
    MileHi is an account owned by Justin/ICC and was primarily used to film in creative mode, but also as a test account.
    Senior staff have creative mode and more of an administrative helper role.
    Once no longer staff, they are given 6 months of Diamond Supporter

    I answered everything I could without revealing anything supposed to be kept secret (hopefully, please edit if I have), and hopefully nothing is too outdated :)
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  3. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!
  4. I will edit this tonight.