EMC Might not consume as much of my time as it used to.

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  1. Hello Empire Minecrafters! I am Green_Mystery. You might remember me that time I banned you and denied your appeal, or that time I came to your house and you tried to seduce me. I am here to announce some super special important news that may shock, disgust, or even give you mild brain damage.

    I have a female companion.

    Now I can hear what you guys are thinking. "OH GOD I WISH I WAS HIM!" Well that's too bad, you're not me. But more importantly I need to inform the masses that I may not be on as much as I have been these last 8 months. For soon me and my companion, let's call her Violet_Mystery, will be spending a lot more time together and consequently meaning I will be spending less time on Minecraft.

    Do not fret my friends, I am still here for you. Just not as much and it will be much later in the day. I will not be trying to distance myself from EMC, but I do wish to create a bond with the only woman who's shown any sort of interest in me. So EMC just seems to be the sacrifice I must make so that I may enjoy an everlasting existence with Violet_Mystery someday.

    Please note: This is not a "Going away" Post. Just some informative information for anyone who wonders why I'm not on here 24/7 banning people left and right like I used to. Okay? Thank you for understanding.
  2. *Eye twitch*
    Can't process info...ma..ti*head explodes*

    Will miss you Mystery, but I'm very happy for you! :)
  3. And the very best of luck to you :)

    Does Violet play mc at all?
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  4. Don't me give a heart attack next time, when I saw the title I though you were leaving.
  5. Not yet, but I plan on getting her hooked REAL soon.
  6. :D Lady Companions are nice! XP
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  7. one question... what color is the mysterious wedding? :eek:
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  8. good for you ;D
  9. Hot pink.

    Fun Fact: I'm actually still too young to marry, ha ha. That's why I must make the bond strong now. Because she's an awesome person and totally my type.
  10. I don't think cake comes in that flavour but how about some cherry or strawberry? :p
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  11. Fantastic, i'm happy for you mate. :)
    Welcome to the PPMFPAM* team. :p

    (*PPMFPAM: Partner Preventing Me From Playing As Much)
  12. Does she play MC? ;)
  13. Do you even check the content of my posts before liking them? Ha ha.

  14. Congradations Green
    then I know your not going be on much that means less of your "games" on the servers
  15. Lol, what i do is like, than read the post. :)
    So, i guess not :p
    If you look at the "smp7-jungle out post" thread, you will see the first 100 pages of posts liked by me :p
  16. Double power hour!
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  17. I wish you all the best with your relationship and thanks for helping us out with the treefarm griefer ealier :)
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  18. For me it is MPMFPAM*

    *Mother preventing me from playing as much;)
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  19. When she starts playing you'll be on more then ever, Green. :D And best of luck!
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