EMC - How i got here?

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Did you find emc in some weird way?

No im normal unlike you exexweirdoscore. 2 vote(s) 12.5%
Yes. Let me join your weirdness group exexgodofemcrscore. 1 vote(s) 6.3%
Whats an emc lol? 13 vote(s) 81.3%
  1. Hey guys! I never made an itro thread, but now i will ba making a "how i got here" thread.

    Soooo lets get to it! So i found emc on my summer vacation. Honestly i have my cousin and a couple french guys to thank! (Ill explain)
    So my cousins are from france, and one of them plays minecraft. He showed me a server called "lifecraft" it was a french server and i really couldrnt speak with anyone. I saw these french guys speaking in color and im like.. how?!?! I still dont know how they did it! (Its not like the emc color code system i tried that) so heres lil ex on google translate tryna has these guys how theyre doin this, and then i search it. Then i find a post (on emcs website) of a player saking how to use the color code. I tried and it didint work so i ditched the french server.

    PART DEUX (haha get it its in french lol im so funny)
    So then i went on emc. Went to the server made a lil house made a lil farm etc etc. Honestly since the server was so small i thought id dtich it on the first day, but no, as soon as i was introduced to promos... it reminded me of wartribes.


    Calm down! Wartribes was a small server like emc (much smaller, bout 5-10 players on at a time) but it had these "promos" like emcs that really interested me... here are some i remember.

    Herobrines blade: dianond sword that shot lightning, obtained by killing herobrine (who could be spawned with that gold pyramid thingy)

    Jet pack: iron chestplate that allowed flying when you had coal

    Guns: multiple different guns that shot different ways, were extremly fun

    Cars: minecarts without tracks

    Thats all i remember. I was greofed SO MANY TIMES on wartribes but never quit. When wartribes went down i was on my hunt for a server.

    Now back to emc.

    PART TRES (lol its in smanish this time thats redonculus)
    The way i started is with animals, buy breed sell, the. I took intrest in horses and well, git my first 130. Named her icicle, used her for breeding with a 103 jumper i got for 1k. (Gr8 d33l am i rite) i was interested in finding more 130+ to breed with and well i met one of my first friends, phoenixaffinity. Apart from my other emc friends who all sprouted from my first frind kmich, who also had to do with breeding animals and pets like me, phoenix i found myself...

    Pho if ur reading this heres how i came across ya.
    /v +horse, lots of times on all the smps. Found phos shop and like god i saw she had a dc of 130+ and was literally fantisizing if shed give me a few. I spent the next few days typing /p phoenixaffinity till she was online. I was able to get a 132 i belive for a pretty nice price. And thats where my adventure began. I eventually continued collecting pronos tillicould a fford a horse to get me into a coop phoenix a showed me, and got a good horse that got me in. And thats where i am today. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if ur reading this i owe you -1r. Your welcome.

    EDIT: servers mentioned here are either closed (down forever) or use frenchletters in the ip. (Im not advetising basically)
  2. I'm pretty sure spanish is like this.
    No me gusta tu papel de viaje. No es necessario y muchos errores en los capitulos. Me prefiero no hay errores de gramatica.
    Jk :p

    But please use proper grammar. No one likes reading something like this.
    All your other threads were like this. :/ Besides that, good story?
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  3. I mostly do it as a joke but i typed thos whole thing on a little phone screen so yah... expect it. And ya wayyy over did it in the "quote"
  4. I don't really care much for other servers because I prefer to spend my attention on one only. So when I stopped playing on my previous server I was at a loss at first, then it hit me: the voting site!

    At first I looked for survival and got highly disappointed that so few provided that. Most which did also had PVP which isn't my thing on laggy games. Then I decided to look specifically for non-PVP and the list now started with several servers which I knew were PVP. Now they suddenly claimed it was mostly PVE.

    SO then I scrolled down to the bottom of the list, moved up a bit and suddenly noticed "survival". That was the Empire banner. non-PVP and survival? Could it be?!

    And the rest is history, as they say ;)
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  5. I got banned from a server for "griefing" (It wasn't griefing(thanks terrible staff team for false banning me!)). So I searched up other servers like it, I came across EMC. I found it pretty boring at first as back then (closing the gap on 4 years :eek:) as the starter stuff wasn't particularly great. I quit for about a week before coming back and actually starting to play. I built a house and it had pretty much everything I needed, furnaces, storage, enchants etc...

    Not too long after I built that house I tore it down and build my res which until very recently, had stayed the way it was.

    Also on my original sentence, I kind of have a record for getting banned for griefing don't I xD
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  6. I was also banned for grifing when i called out the fale mineplex server for sending bots to spam advert on mineplex lol. I was also grifed be4 and a terrible staff team (bot of wartribes whenever they were on it was great) but ob i think ruinscraft and the stff dint do nothing about a guy just flying and breaking everything i jad with force op or sumtib :/
  7. Hi ExExUnderscore. Welcome to the Empire. Nice to meet you. :)
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  8. Lol, you could have very easily came across MrsWishes, or someone else than me xD
    Many new players don't even bother switching smps until much much later, cool to see you used it early on. You happened to come at a somewhat ugly time in the horse market, and managed to help get it in a much more stable state. One thing I like to say to people is to not get invested in the horse market (and I still think that at this time), but you have managed to handle that very well :)
  9. Bb.. but im not new... lol
  10. Many new players just leave after a day or 2 few atually stay :/

    As ya saw my reason for staying was the fact that i liked wartribes and it reminded me of it
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  11. I found EMC cause friends found it.
    what you wrote means:
    I dont like your travel paper. Is not necessary and many errors in the chapters. I prefer myself there aren't any grammar errors.

    so I'm going to *try to understand what you intended to say, and to fix it up...

    Gonna try to understand what you meant(lol)(These are my words):
    No me gusta el formato que usaste. Los errores son necesarios los errores y hay demasiados. Yo prefiero que no hallan errores gramaticales
    I don't like the format you used. The errors aren't necessary and there are too many. I preffer for there to not be any grammatical errors.

    And what you said in spanish is...
    Pero, por favor use buena gramática. Nadie le gusta leer algo así. Todos tus otros "threads(lol dont know the word in spanish)" son así. A pesar de eso, buena historia?
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  12. i search for creative servers its ez to get a faction some mini games a reg survilal in a server you just play do your thing blablabla but if i see a creative put thogether server i always check it out so that how i got here xD
  13. Thx for posting a comment that isnt about how i type :)
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  14. As a Canadian I'm offended about how you treated our second national language as a joke. Or am I?
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  15. As a Canadian I'm offended about how you treated our second national language as a joke. Or am I?
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  16. So is this like a share-your-own-story thread or

    a friend introduced me

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