EMC Chrome Theme

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Do You Like Them?

Yeah That Awesome! Im Keeping It! 9 vote(s) 69.2%
There Ok Might Have It 4 vote(s) 30.8%
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  2. I Was Ment To Add More Poll Options!
  3. Anyone Download Any Of Them?
  4. Come On Someone Comment!
  5. No Comments :(
  6. Will Someone Give Me A Review!!
  7. Looks good, Idk what they do though :p
  8. You sound toooo needy
  9. chrome is a browser a chrome theme will change the look of chrome

    I AM!!! i just wanted get someone tell me how they look etc and there are 2 o's in loose
  10. Stop bumping this every 5 minutes.

    It's completely unnecessary.

    Other than that, they're decent themes.
  11. Yay!!! Thanks!! thats all i wanted now no more bumps :D
  12. No, he did it correctly. You're trying to spell loose, as in my tie is loose. He was spelling lose, as in I know you're going to lose the auction.
  13. lol my bad im tired seeing thing :/
  14. You can change the tab stuff on top of the sceen, so you see it is EMC theme even with a tab on.
  15. Me sounds noob, how to install xD
  16. Go to the theme choosement, than choose it, it will be installed automatically
  17. Very nice, thanks man. Time to get my chrome to wear them so I am patriotic of this place :D
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  18. Really nice themes!
    I'l totally install one of them!
  19. I'm using the 2nd one. First time I've changed since I started using Chrome. ;)
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