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  1. putting "lock" on the first line of a sign does not lock the chest (found this out today)

    Don't post a reply asking me if I tried this in the town cause I'm not that dumb lol :p

    ALSO, another minor bug that has been bothering me for the past three months:

    /homeUltimamaxx 4 test

    Another bug that has been active for the past two to three weeks:
    Disconnecting and reconnecting to a server does not despawn zombie pigmen (sometimes)....

    (Unconfirmed) And sometimes...... teleporting or spawning onto half slabs on bedrock will push you in the void

    "the tutorial doesn't tell new players crap" -anonymous
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  2. goosebumps
  3. What is with the random quote. It is true, considering most people don't seem to read it and ask "how do i get to my home" or "how do i claim a res". There is also "how do i get materials"
  4. Also those are some weird bugs
  5. Totally. I wish the tutorial actually did something. I resort to /c off
  6. I always thought you had to type out "locked" lol.

  7. That's the one that bothers me the most.
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  8. Yeah, me too, but according to the wiki "lock" should work...

    Couldn't reproduce, what command did you use? I usually type /res loc set [name] and it doesn't show me that message

    That's lag. It happens to me sometimes when I teleport to my residence, I spawn on the floor, because you "get to the place" before the chunks load, you float around and fall down a bit and when they do load you're stuck inside the blocks. However, as it's the bedrock layer, after they load, there's nothing below you, so you fall in the void. If you teleport again to the same place with the chunks loaded, you'll notice that doesn't happen.

    And the other bug is technical, so PM Aikar, the devs and Alex and they'll be able to help.
  9. I do believe you have to put your name on the second line for it to lock...
  10. Nah, just "lock"
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  11. aikar fixed the lock bug last night