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  1. So, I was doing a puzzle with Aphaea (cause being an adult is non stop excitement), and we found this.

  2. Oooooo
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  3. I don't even want I know what kind of witchcraft Jack has been up to o.o
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  4. Ooh, Rick & Morty! I remember that episode! :D

    EDIT: That's actually a dog, by the way, not a hamster.
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  5. Yes, a terrier, looks like, but i dont know anyone named Electric_Terrier.
  6. Wow. Intense.

  7. Where are they? Where did they go? Why did you take them?
    Reference from that episode

    Rick and Morth for the win. enjoying this season...
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  8. The most hardcore JackBiggin of 2015.
  9. aawww, that will be hurt him :p
  10. I didn't know season 2 had started until you said that. Naturally, I had to get caught up.

    "Unity" episode was surprisingly depressing... :confused:
  11. Haven't watched it yet... so shh :p
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