Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs.

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Are they the cheapest eggs?

Nope.avi 6 vote(s) 66.7%
Zomg Cheep Eggs! 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I think I have the cheapest eggs on E.M.C. Come to 16251 and prepare for lag.

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  2. Buy some eggs if you want to. :3
  3. i can but, but what server?
  4. I could go for cheaper but don't have enough eggs atm. xD (Not enough chickens either.

    Nice, 128 eggs for 64... pretty cheap.
  5. Ive seen eggs and used to sell eggs 2 for 1 :/
  6. I think Green_Mystery used to sell eggs 16 for 1r.

    Was a good deal, imo.
  7. Eggs.
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  8. U CaLl ThAt ChEaP? 14141 sells them 12 for 2 r

    Edit: i perfer 3456 where you get them for free
  9. I've seen free eggs
  10. New Deal!!!
    8 Chicken eggs for 48 Rupees!
  11. Eggs as in when chickens lay them or spwan eggs
  12. Harukono, I need you to cut down the number of chickens by at least half, because it is causing a very high amount of lag for me on my residence, and has disconnected me at least 7 times now.

  13. Wow, thats what i call LAGG MACHINE!
  14. I will just find another res and move my chicken farm there :)
    Sorry for the lag. xD
  15. ehh, Thats not me there has a res near you, its SephirothWS :p

    Also just make the farm with 150-200chickens. 3-400 is lagg machine for people with a slow pc.
  16. xD^3
  17. We should make an egg song! :D
  18. Ohhh eggg 1/8 chance to get a chicken ohh egg, make that cake CUZ IT AINT A LIE ohh egg, wheat, sugar, milk ohh egg make that cake :p