Dystopia Revived

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  1. Hey guys, I know this HAS been suggested before ( hence the title ) but I just wanted to revive the idea and maybe this could be the next project after the long awaited Dragon-Tombs. Those of you who don't know what Dystopia is, it is pretty much the opposite of Utopia. Now. the main question that everybody asks. What is in Dystopia? Well, he are my ideas/suggestions.

    • Dystopian residences are 1/2 the size of regular residences. (30x30)
    • It is always night in the Dysopian Wild.
    • In town, if possible, night takes up 75% and Day takes up 25% of Day/Night cycle.
    • The wilderness is AMPLIFIED.
    • Spawn rates are the same, if not a smidge higher.
    • Vaulting on Utopia cost 100r when you open it.
    • The wastelands could possible have PVP. ( There would be a small PVP-Free zone near the Wastelands spawn. )
    Leave ideas, concerns, rage, and even hatred for me Below :)
  2. - PvP enabled
    - No amplified, too much lag.
    - No residences - but can claim land with said "dragon tomb"
    - Hardcore
  3. when was this suggested before? :)
  4. Oh would you look at that. I was looking at the previous threads and it is on the To-Do list, making this thread just suggestions for Dystopia I guess.