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  1. Duperia is a wild kingdom in SMP2’s Frontier. It has only begun recently, and currently only includes a few participants, but I, the King, have many plans.

    Built in a small area of grassland mostly surrounded by jungle and forest, Duperia will be a kingdom entirely focused in one single citadel, made up of a wall surrounding a vibrant city built for the residents, by the residents. The wall will contain public farms, quarries, mines and storage, owned and operated by the monarchy for the benefit of all citizens.

    Duperia is founded on community principles. The monarchy is run as a cooperative, operated for the benefit of the community, so we may grow, expand and prosper.
    The Kingdom of Duperia is ruled by the King, 72Volt, assisted by the Prince, Jake81201. The monarchy owns all of the land, property and resources within the range of the citadel, and rent out land to citizens to build homes and shops on. Simply by asking us and showing the space you want, you can get land inside the citadel, under certain conditions set by the monarchy.

    The monarchy owns and operates quarries, mines, storage and a growing range of farms within the citadel walls. The quarries, mines and farms are free for all citizens to make use of (replant seeds/saplings if you use the farms). The monarchy also hires workers to work in these facilities. Workers in these facilities harvest the resources and place them in their own personal chest. Monarchy staff then sort out these resources, record who contributed what, smelt and craft as necessary, send the resources to Town, auction them off on the forums, and pay all contributors a fair share of the revenues.

    In addition to the EMC Code of Conduct, we have a few rules and guidelines.

    1. All members are strongly encouraged to work towards national objectives (see the section below).

    2. Everyone involved with the Kingdom will be afforded certain national rights, including:
    a. The right to be recognised as a member, should they frequent the area surrounding the Duperian Citadel, or own land there
    b. The right to free speech, except hate speech and insulting others
    c. The right to free movement, to travel where they please, except where they physically cannot without breaking or glitching through a block, and be present in the Kingdom

    3. As we will soon be an Established outpost, all members are obliged to obey 72Volt, the King, except where his word contradicts a national right.

    4. Tenants will be limited to the following rules.
    • They may not build farms on their land (use ours!)
    • If they claim the commercial land discount, they must keep their shop active and stocked.
    • They can't build ugly things, like huge gaping holes or dirt huts.
    • They cannot quarry or mine below their land (use our quarries, and mine outside of the Duperian Citadel's walls)
    · Build up national funds for investments by building a workforce to work in the quarries, farms and mines
    o Make sure every worker has a chest to deposit stuff in
    o Keep track of what each worker contributes to each DC
    o Ferry stuff to Town regularly

    · Expand and develop the walls of the Duperian Citadel
    o Build the walls up, so they enclose an area measuring 128x128, a total of twenty-eight 16x16 wall segments will need to be built
    o Build more farms in the walls, one farm per wall segment

    · Attract more citizens to the Kingdom
    o Complete the overworld tunnel, expand it, and build a railway in it
    o Build a nether railway
    o Establish a welcome bonus of 1,000r, which every citizen gets just for joining, funded mainly by mining/farming revenues and donations

    If you wish to visit us, message 72Volt, and he will give you coords.
    If you wish to work for us in the quarries, farms or mines, message me or Jake81201.
    If you wish to get land, message 72Volt, and you can show me the land you want.[/quote]
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  2. Bump, will be editing the post with an announcement and more infos now!
  3. First screenshot!

    That's a locked chest right there, so if staff want to mark this as established, that'd be great ;)

    The building on the left is storage, building on right is the Birch Farm. They are two segments, each occupying one chunk, of a wall which will eventually total 12 segments, enclosing an area of 4 chunks. It's not final, so it might end up bigger. I know the aesthetics aren't so good, maybe that could be improved :)
  4. I'd like to welcome Josh to the Kingdom, he's the first member and, at his request, shall bear the title of Prince :)
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  5. Could I help this Kingdom?
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  6. He means Jake Rofl. I was the first person and the Prince. :p
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  7. Hi Kitten! Sorry I wasn't able to reply ingame, I was afk.
    You absolutely can, I'll pm you coords shortly :)
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  8. Did I do that? Sorry, I'm currently rather distracted by allegations being made against me outside of EMC, pls forgiv :eek:
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  9. Lol
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  10. Well well well, It has been awhile Volt. Good to see you are back.
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  11. Thanks L0tad ^_^
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  12. Fix'd

    In all seriousness though, Good Luck :D
  13. errr wat
    obvious dissing is obvious

    I may or may not join, but SMP2 is a bit of an iffy spot for me. D: (Plus I'm working on *cough cough* potatoville *cough* shh)
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  14. L0tad,you should have seen my struggle to get it reopened.
    That was NOT a joke I can tell you.
    It was simply everyone else complaining about how "kitten has so much territory".
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  15. That was a joke on mt part, I was not calling you a joke. Every outpost deserves to be taken seriously, and everyone philosophies on running them tested, that what they did when me and 72 tried it.

    This conversation belongs on another thread, lets leave 72 to his.
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  16. I plan to support you BUT will be spying on you so i know i can trust you. (limit of 1 week)
    SlowKinggamer's fan(s) are with you... Think of me of one-man-Mod for outpost's
  17. I would love to come out!
    I will most likely end up coming out on one of my alts however!
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