Dummies Guide to Fun Places!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hackurf, May 11, 2012.

  1. Ok, the 10th commandment is Thou shall have fun! However, running a shop is not exactly..... fun but rather more of a challenge task. Parkours, Mazes, Archery Ranges and Roller Coasters all point to fun! I'd like to gather up a list of all the fun places to go to if you are ever in a knot about where to go for "fun." I have 2 places i can think of atm:

    1: EMC amusement park (/fun)
    2: Belugh/Dreamytje's Puzzle Pyramid (/v Belugh)

    Please tell me if you know of any other fun places around here.

    - redwing2000 :)
  2. Lol check out 18477 :)
    Jaja jk its boring there.
    Try Tilis roller coaster on smp5 not sure of the res number but try "/v tiliqua84"
  3. If you help me dig out my res (finish digging it out) then there will be a massive roller coaster at 3507