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  1. Hey everyone its me again two of you may remeber my
    thread 'Enter The Fluff' about me making music.
    Well now I have completed my first album, avalible free on SoundCloud.
    It's called Window.
    I really don't no why I picked this
    as my name BUT I really hope you will check it out
    and download it if you do like it!

    As I do this I will post all my updates and links here if you want me to!
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  2. Amazing job... I completely enjoyed it. Please keep updating as you continue to create.:D
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  3. Will do!
  4. What DAW do you use? LMMS is making me want to shoot myself.:(
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  5. what?
    If you're talking about studio ClubCreate.
  6. DAW: Digital Audio Workstation. You know, Podium, FL Studio, those things?
  7. Umm no all I did was

    and click on the first one :p
  8. Nice! Keep up the great work!
  9. Thanks man!
  10. Who on EMC is a member of SoundCloud AND publishes?
  11. iSmooch and TonicThunder are on SoundCloud I know that much.

    Also wubwubwubwubwubwubwububwubbzzzort :)
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  12. Well.. I liked it alot :) but i do have some critiques

    1. On a Low:

    You need a lead riff. Something High with a melody that keeps the song moving along, a theme. You have a cool bass riff that is really throughout the song, but there is a reason you rarely see a bassist do a solo on stage :p. But you need at least one good melody riff, even if you alter it continuously throughout the song, it needs to be there. Its what really defines the song.

    2. Pursuit:

    Pretty much the same as above, I liked what you were doing with the drum set. actually gave me some ideas. Just an FYI dubstep is not just all Wubs and bass.. it needs a hook, just like any other good song :p.

    3. Enter the Swedish House:

    Finally you have a (semi)high range melody. Something to offset that steady bass. I just wish there was more of it xD. Definitely nailed the house feel with the bass, but house is really big about heavy hitting bass drums loud as hell hats to go along with your synths. Felt like I was listening to some DaDa Life influence in there.

    4. Downturn:

    Im a sucker for any good Piano leads.. :p.. being a piano player and all. Your ambience could use a little work. It seems like your melody gets a little away from your backbeat, and you have to force them back together sometimes. And the bass drums here get really... expeimenty/messy... and again like the first two, once that piano was out in the first minute, I immediately missed it :p. You have to push that melody into more of the song.

    5. Do the Wave:

    You throw melodies in and out here.. so you know what one is xD.. I would just think it would be quite a bit better if that melody was seen more. Also, your breakdown, seems to happen about 10 measures to early xD. You bring your melody in for about 8 counts just to watch it leave again to the breakdown. And the last minute and a half really seemed like you were building up.. and I was waiting.. and waiting.. and then.. end of the song.. throw a nasty drop at the end of that build.. you have all of these basses and wubs all over the place on your other songs, and this was the real place you could get away with just tearing off faces, and you didnt it. And I was definitely waiting for it.

    6. Thump:

    Lives up to its name xD, had to turn my bass down on my headphones to really hear the rest. You should work on your mastering, if there is anything any electronic medium musician needs to be great at, its mastering. Its even somewhere that I have troubles with sometimes, and I realize it only more when I work with someone like TonicThunder who is quite good at mastering his tracks.

    7. Welcome to the Club:

    WHY IS THE VOLUME SO LOW!!! The beginning to this is so epic.. but its just so quiet XD. Good listen tho. Your bassline here is really melodic and carries the peice well, but again, you need a high lead to come in and push the song up to the ears. To support it.

    8. Bad Boy Tune:

    o.o.... This was awesome!. Good builds, multilayerd, many things going on that compliment each other, really overall a good listen. Nice drops, very nice to finally here a lead in there that owned the song. If there is anything I would have differently, I would have made those transitions a little smoother. Either you make a transistion super smooth, or you drop that mother into bassland.. there is a reason its not called "Spill the Bass" you drop that thing xD.


    Your mastering needs some work. But that just comes with time. You have your bass work down. Its hard to make songs continue to be interesting for multiple minutes without something to perk you up. I mean even skrillex, the guy who has made millions making the same song over and over (no hate please, I can dispute this all day, I listen to more electronic music than most of you and would be happy to explain to you why the REAL dubstep community hates him xD) doesnt have 4-5 minute songs that are just all bass. He has some kind of lead.. then a buildup.. then roughly at 35-40 seconds.. drops that bass in your mouth and ear holes.

    Do not be discouraged, I am only saying things in the hope they help you , I love seeing people so open to post things, its really the only way for Self-Made Artists to get better. If I had posted everything I made when I was just starting.. I would be laughed out of everywhere. Even now.. I will trash 30 tracks before I finally make one I believe is good enough to post. And even then, I get my fair share of hates out there.

    But anyways good job and keep improving :D.
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  13. Me! I followed you. Iodine Flavored Triangles. iSMOOCH and TonicThunder do too.
  14. Thanks for the critisism!
    That gives me a lot of things to think about and work on.
    I was wondering :)
  15. Thanks!
  16. Correct me if i'm wrong, but none of that was dubstep? I thought dubstep had drops, but I didn't hear a single drop in there. Still, pretty good though, i'd love to hear more from you.
  17. As far as I am aware some does some doesn't.
  18. It doesn't have to have drops…I think.
  19. dubstep does not have to have anything xD... everyone compares dubstep to skrillex, the only dub artist I know with a steady song structure.
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