DT GUILD, recruiting for wilderness fronts!

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  1. Yes! We are now recruiting members to fill our positions at the wilderness fronts!
    Our guild currently has one base at smp3 wilderness, but we are looking to have at least one on each server.
    To each base system we will call it 'colony' and it will have the following organization:

    Staff positions:
    1. Colony Leader
    2. Colony Coordinator
    3. Colony Miner Head
    4. Colony Building and protection Head
    5. Colony Support Head
    - We will start a new colony when we get at least 4 of those staff positions filled.
    - Each server will have a colony that will report to the main Delta Team HeadQuarters.
    - Each colony leader will be considered moderator at the Delta Team Server
    - The colonies will recieve the benefits from the DT which includes (but not limited to)
    • Vault service on SMP3
    • Room at DTHQ (SMP3)
    • Access to Delta Team-only shop
    • Access to the resources of the Delta Team vault for guild buildings
    • Access to the private creative mode MC server
    • Access to the Private Forums
    • Exclusive auto-updated signature/badge
    Join the Delta Team Now! -click here-
    Apply for a colony! -click here -

    Remember to follow this to join the DT!:
    - Fill the forms
    - Add copherfield on skype
    - Follow copherfield on EMC for important updates and more
    - Register at the Website

    Together we can grow big, we can thrive, we can survive.

    Applicants so far: 8
    Servers with applicants so far:
  2. Finally. xD well at least you got it up :)
  3. Signed up for smp1.
  4. LOL, epic fast responses :p
    Getting hands into action, this will grow fast if it goes as it does :)
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  5. The promotional was well done. Quick, to the point, and visually pleasing. I like shiny stuff! :)
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  6. Yeah i Went for smp2 xD i maan why wouldnt i? XD
  7. And no lagg :p
  8. Cause smp1 is the best :p
  9. You and your 16gb RAM last gen GPU's xD
  10. Yeah well i cant stand lagg xD but i love the effects and the end puctue :)
    And sorry for multi posts but im on a phone so i cant hit the edit button xD
  11. I will update this thread periodically with the applications so far :)
  12. would you mind if I was already in a dif group, but would like to be in another one as well?
  13. Applied for smp4! :)
  14. Perhaps I'll sign up for this group and work at the smp3 front and build a guild in smp4
  15. I'm sorry for the guys who are asking but:
    We do not allow people to be on another guild at the same time.
    Maybe if the guild it's not wilderenss he can join the DT but if it's the same concept, we wont accept.
    That is mainly to keep people far from troubles :)
  16. well, the guild i'm in is more like a way of life, it won't interere.
  17. As long as it does not bring internal or external troubles, you are authorized to join.
  18. Is this like a wilderness group?
  19. DT is a guild, Dt is setting up wild bases on every server
  20. So if the leader of DT don't mind may I at least try building a guild in smp4. Also 1 more question, if this is a wilderness group would I have to live in the wild or no