Drop Party w/ an autograph signing from staff!

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  1. On May 6th 2015 I will be holding an autograph signing! Possible appearances as new staff member EffinBatman, iamcavie, and maybe eviltoade will attend the drop party if they accept. As well at the end of the event is a drop party! On certain people will be able to attend staff autographs and everyone can do the Drop party!

    Prices: Autographs: depends on who comes
    So come on by! May 6th
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  2. Sounds fun!! Will it take place at your res?
  3. @KarateKitKat Yes, /v 15430 on simp :D
  4. like it. NOICE! 1+
  5. Depending on the time, I might be available if some of the other staff aren't.
  6. ok @krysyyjane9191, it would be much appreciated :p
  7. Sounds like fun!:D
  8. I hope i can come to the autographs
  9. @f_Builder_s I hope you can as well :p
  10. Wow! I want to come! The last party I attended I messed up the time and showed up an hour late xD
  11. There's a reply button to quote people...
  12. Oh thx @Dj__Krazy
  13. lol hope u come,
  14. Sounds fun ill be going to that :D
  15. Ok thx :p
  16. This msg is just so it goes back up :p