Drop party results

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  1. other than all the complainers a lot of players got items, this is what I got:

    share what you got :)
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  2. I got the same thing as your. some valens and a few stable vouchers
  3. i got nothing, i missed it >_<
  4. such miss
    me also
    not wow
    very no items
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  5. I got an eggnog so im happy :)
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  6. This is my empire rares chest. (including starter sets) The last five slots are from the party!
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  7. There is no pic :p
  8. now there is
  9. I got an iron supporter, 2 gold supporters, 2 promo instructions :D, aikar signature, diamond block, ice, cobble :)
  10. How much for a gold supporter?
  11. What's an eggnog
  12. Promo paper, and rose
  13. not wow? much bow?
  14. Saltar, Two Valens (Traded one for Incitatus), Vault Voucher (Used), Stable Voucher, then later bought, ID firework, and a Promo Instruction
  15. You get to redeem it to ICC, and you get ANY promo for free :D
  16. Wow
  17. I managed to get Incitatus, instructions, and 3 eggnog. Afterward I bought 2 more instructions :)
  18. 3 eggnog?
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  19. W
    What do instructions do?