DRGO (Story)

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  1. (Please note, this story will share possibly a lot of similarities to the movie Argo.)

    ------------------------------------------ February 20, 2013------------------------------------------------------

    The LLO has been engulfed with rioters. They only want two things: The collapse of its government, and the rise of their leader to power. They have invaded the LLO's main government buildings, and with them, have taken roughly two hundred people hostage. Six people in these buildings got out before they got in, and have taken shelter at the Wild Reach embassy. I am John Mackenzie, and I get people out.

    The riots started a week ago, and its getting worse every hour, as more and more people are pulled into it. The Embassy is in the West LLO, around five miles from the center of the LLO, where the riots are mainly happening, but its not long till they spread all over.

    *More coming tomorrow*
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