Dragon Tombs [Release 1]

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  1. Note: THIS IS NOT A RELEASE OF THE DRAGON TOMBS UPDATE! Sorry to get your hopes up. But if you're still interested, read ahead! It's related to the Dragon Tombs update!

    I've made a small minigame I call Dragon Tombs, sort of as a tech demo for what Dragon Tombs could be. It's pretty short, and possibly beatable in under 15 minutes, but that's what tech demo means. I'd love to have some feedback on it and see what people think.

    Red text = regular speech
    Green text = important places or things
    Blue text = free items

    Google Drive


    To download on Google Drive, click File and then Download.
    To download on Mediafire, click the big blue download button.
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  2. I'd recommend you should rehost on Mediafire maybe, some people might not be able to find how to download :)
  3. Mediafire kept getting stuck at 65% uploaded - I may try again tomorrow.
  4. How do i figure this download out... :confused:
  5. File > Download
  6. I added download help to the original post and reformatted the post to make it more organized. Thanks for telling me that downloading it from Google Drive isn't as straightforward as I thought.
  7. Thanks ;)
  8. I might have spawned in diamond stuff to see what it was like, and I actually like it... did you make the dragon stronger, because he killed me :p

    EDIT: Free items werent working
  9. That's odd. The dragon is just the regular ender dragon, no mods or nothing.
    Also, the way the free items work is you click on the items you want, not the "Diamond Gear" in blue.
  10. Ima try again mabe wasnt clicking right.

    EDIT: It worked right the second time ;)
  11. Added Mediafire downloads!
  12. Will try this out after I finish my homework :)
  13. Bumping this.
    Dragon Tombs is getting closer and closer,
    and this is getting more and more relevant!
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  14. How'd it go?
  15. I guess I could make a Dragon tombs Map :p

    Btw... it will be for 1.8 ( snapshots i guess )
  16. I already made one. That's what this post is about.
    But also, you're not allowed to advertise your service on other people's threads.
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  17. Really really cool map. i give it a 9 out of 10, because getting to the door made me rage :D
  18. Maybe you can come up with a different name, one that is not already a planned EMC feature, because it is a bit misleading.
    If you can't tkink of another name, ask others, we have a lot of creative people here. :)
  19. Dragon Tombs Map, maybe?
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