Dragon eggs gone wrong

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  1. recently i bought a Dragon egg that was regular and began to think when you are able to buy them with tokens well they will be out of control and they will be so cheap like 1-2k for 1 so i was thinking what if regulars could be done with and put something on them that indicates this is a regular dragon egg instead off a token cheapy i'm hopeing emc can do something about this because even though this is a regular dragon egg it can say like this was before the buying with tokens or something like that so please emc do something about this please
  2. So basically a lore to say "this egg was one of the original regulars" to differentiate between the currently existing ones and eggs that will be obtainable through Dragon Tombs?
    I personally always thought this would be a good thing to have done.
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  3. Nah. The Original one should be the only lored one. The other ones are pretty much excess fat.

    Also, Use. Periods.
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  4. The originals have already been marked.
  5. i disagree pending how many tokens it costs to get a dragon egg right now 30 tokens are equal to about 120 rupees if it costs 20k tokens to get a dragon egg then that makes dragon eggs roughly worth 80k why should the ones people have to actually do work for be worth less then ones you just lazily bought? or even why should ones you obtained through work not have lore?
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  6. ... Those 19 extra dragon eggs are not "original". So why would they be marked as such? They are just that. Original. If we marked them special - the ones you buy with tokens would be as well.
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  7. still 80k is cheap for a dragon egg

    and also why cant emc just say on them that they were some of the in a way after the origanal version of them they have been around for a number of years now
  8. Well first this would require gather all of those eggs up, and replacing them with the new lored Dragon Eggs. Dragon Eggs are not going to be that cheap either. If you want one - you will have to work for it a bit. A dragon egg, is a dragon egg. Doesn't really matter what it is named.
  9. They are original, however, as opposed to whatever eggs will find their way into the market in the future. This is what spyro's trying to say.
    In my first post, put more emphasis on "regular" than "original", but make note that my use of adjectives is there to tell the difference between now and the future.

    As the eggs are now, the name is its vanilla name, "Dragon Egg". None of us have a clue whether or not these future eggs will be lored in some way, so this thread offers a suggestion as a means for us to tell the difference. (If future eggs will be named in some way, these regular eggs really do not need any sort of added stuff at all. The problem is we just do not know what will happen at this point.)
  10. Well I do believe there is Original and Standard yes? Why not just name the new ones Dragon Tomb Eggs? I do think there should be something to show the difference between one earned now and an item that has through it all survived 3 years of the game. That on it's own is a feat. :)
  11. its cheap when there is only a few of them, but it was never intended for it to be that way as long as it was D/T was supposed to come out shortly following the OG eggs being claimed things held this back but the new eggs and the old eggs are the same. they deserve no special propriety because you had more money then someone who killed thousands of enraged to earn one if anything they should be marked "i paid for this instead of working at it" eggs.
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  12. It would be nice if they were dated. The originals could stay the same, but the current ones would be dated as the date in which they were re-released. Then the token redeemed ones could be dated as well, but in a different color to show that they are token eggs. This would also be a cool way to keep track of one's personal egg redemption history. Gathering would be simple just like with the originals, and redistribution would be as easy as a mail list built from the sell-shop's rupee log.
  13. Fair enough suggestions ;)
    The Original post had indicated to do something about this. And. Well. just seemed unnecessary right now. I like the suggestion of adding lore to the token-purchased ones though
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  14. the regular eggs have only been out for maybe a year
  15. I can assure you it's no easy thing to go around spending 300k+ on some item. They had to get the money somehow. ;)
  16. i honestly think a fair way to declare is if there was a vote of yes they should be changed and done such as jkjkjk182 said and put the date or no they should go along with all the other cheapy token 1's
  17. Upon rethinking things, it might actually be better if DT eggs are lored and the current regulars aren't. The history can speak for itself without a fancy name, just so long as we can tell the difference between the new and the old. :D