Dragon Egg

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  1. Just curious who all has one and how they got it. From what i know there are 6 eggs but one is rumored to be lost to lava.

    I have one that i got lucky and paid 3,500r for lol. I was thinking if it went for sale it would prolly be a 75k+ auction. So like i said, lucky.

    So who else? Have it on display?
  2. Their could only be five eggs, since we only have five severs ATM.
  3. no at one point in time there were indeed 6 due to a question of who delivered the death to the smp4 dragon. Whether there still are or not.. i have no idea.
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  4. how do u get a dragon egg anyway i know how but how do u get it into your inventory?
  5. So you had to give another guy a egg since they didn't know had it.
  6. leowaste, i will gaurd the egg for you ;)
  7. leo on the off note i will keep working everyday just btw if you want
  8. The wild was reset at one poimt which gave birth to the extra egg. But like i said i think one was lost to lava
  9. Is anyone selling them? lol, I know where the SMP3 and SMP 2 eggs are, and leo has the SMP2 egg

    I think that all the egg owners should showcase the eggs in a Utopia Museum... Makes the most sence.
  10. Leo wat server you on i wanna see it
  11. After research, I have compiled the final Egg List:

    SMP1 Egg: On display at Res #2430 on SMP1.
    SMP2 Egg: On display at Res #2430 on SMP1.
    SMP3 Egg: On display at Res #2430 on SMP1.
    SMP4 Egg: On display at Res #2430 on SMP1.
    SMP4(2) Egg: This egg was destroyed in lava.
    Utopia Egg: On display at Res #3664 on SMP2.
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  12. A guy on smp1 has a museum at his res and he got like 3-4 eggs
  13. It is called something like "the dragon egg museum"
  14. What's the res# of that museum?
  15. I don't remember actually, he said it in some thread for like 2 months ago
  16. I wanna look at the eggs to!
  17. Cant you remember the res?
  18. Nope, sorry:(